Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quote du jour/from Mrs. Appleyard's Winter Kitchen

Although the state of Vermont is mentioned, this could be true of hostesses and their guests in any snowy clime.

Vermont hostesses can always tell when winter guests arrive because they hear them stamping snow off their boots on the porch. It is etiquette for the hostess to say, politely, but insincerely,
"Don't mind the snow. Come right in,"
and for the guest to reply, hopping on one foot:
"No, no: I'll leave them here."

Mrs. Appleyard's Winter Kitchen
by Louise Andrews Kent and Elizabeth Kent Gay


  1. I agree that this could be true anywhere.... hmmmm.... not here in Hawaii though. :-)

  2. If I could actually choose my last name, I think I'd choose "Appleyard!"

    Sounds like another great book that I "need" to add to my collection - the last wonderful cookbook I purchased on your recommendation was Mrs. Chard's Hollyhocks & Radishes.

  3. Not much snow in Hawaii, eh Kay?!
    Alison, there are a number of Mrs A. books. Delightful.

  4. People visiting Sweden for the first time often get surprised when they realize that we always take our shoes off when we visit somebody’s home - and in our own homes, of course.

  5. Margaretha, I sort of like the idea, but I have a funky knee and one leg shorter than the other, so I really need to wear my shoes in the house. I'm not one of those who speaks "insincerely" - when I say "don't bother taking off your boots or shoes, I really, really mean it." I always want people to feel comfortable in every way.

  6. Over here in N.H. we know exactly how Mrs. Appleyard feels. There is nothing like stepping in a pile of cold wet melted snow and then walking around in soppy socks. Ahhh...winter in New England.

  7. Hip chick, you are so right. When I go to someone's house, I do take off my boots, but I bring shoes with me! And as I wrote to em, I really don't care if people wear boots in my house.


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