Sunday, December 28, 2008

Book Report/A Bear Called Paddington

A Bear Called Paddington
by Michael Bond
unabridged audio read by Stephen Fry
juvenile fiction, 1958
finished 12/27/08

How have I missed this book my whole life? I was ten when it came out. I did raise two little children. We had the stuffed animal. And I even seem to remember the book in the house, but I never read it. Thank goodness, I came upon this audio version. I loved this book. I believed completely in this little bear found at Paddington Station, London. I believed he could talk and think and act just like a person. And I loved his personality. What a funny, heartwarming story. It's a wonderful book for children because it portrays a loving family life, and a wonderful book for adults because it is just plain fun to read. And if you can get hold of this version read by the always excellent Stephen Fry, you'll be in reader's heaven. Really.


  1. Hooray! My library has the same version! I should have it by Tuesday - a perfect treat while the kids are home on vacation. Thanks for reminding me of it, Nan!

  2. Loved your review. Other people's blogs have stated that this book is a must read. So when I get back to work on Jan. 5 I'm going to pull it off the bookshelf and start in on it!! I'm lucky, I'm a librarian at a middle school!! :)

  3. it's lovely isn't it...I didn't know Steven Fry has read it..I bet that's good to listen too.
    My pair loved the Paddington set then we had to find "Olga De Polga"
    by Mr Bond and that is very amusing too (she's a Guinea Pig with attitude lol)

  4. Is this the same Paddington that gets left in the toy store? or the laundrymat? I seem to remember reading Paddington over and over but I don't remember anything about a London train station.

  5. You're not the only one to miss this - there's me too! I only know it from the TV! Stephen Fry is one of my favourite broadcasters - do you get his TV programme QI - it's really funny?

  6. I loved those original PB books, before the tv series, before the little picture books for younger children ... I was too old for them when they came out, but my little sister loved them, and so we all did. As you say, they portray a loving family, kindnesses - and they are funny, too. Also, they show a lost Notting Hill, one that is shabby, unlike the edgy / chic place it is now. Nicer then, I think

    Happy New Year

  7. this sounds just right for me today ... I've put a hold request on it at the library, and it should be in transit from Campbell River very shortly

    there are 38 library locations on our island, so the requests can be made at any branch

    thanks for the review, Nan

  8. Alison, you'll love it!
    Staci, that's great there have been other positive reviews.
    Val, I've never heard of Olga but I have read a couple of Bond's adult mystery books, Monsieur Pamplemousse. Amusing, but odd, too. :<)
    Hip Chick, maybe those are later books and you missed the first one? That's why he is named Paddington.
    I've not heard of this show, Margaret. I wonder if it is a podcast. I'll go looking. I think he is a genius.
    Joanna, I have never seen or even heard of the tv shows. Very, very interesting about Notting Hill.
    Janice, you are so lucky with your library system! It sounds wonderful. I think you'll enjoy this dear little bear.

  9. I have missed it too (I also was a kid and have two kids:)) It is on my TBR list for 2009 and I picked up an autobiography by Michael Bond as well but I had no idea about the audio. I will definitely check into it, adoring Stephen Fry as I do.

  10. BookPsmith, thanks so much for coming by. Fry is just perfect. Have you read Bond's M. Pamplemousse mysteries? I like the 'psmith.' :<) I just read your Uncle Fred review. :<)

  11. Stephen Fry of Fry and Laurie? I'll definitely look into this.

  12. Yes! Patrice, and the Stephen Fry of Jeeves & Wooster, and Peter's Friends. If you haven't seen them, you'll love them. You know, I spent the big bucks when Harry Potter came out and bought my kids the British audios which were read by Mr Fry. He's a wonder to me.


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