Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Corner/Village

I'd like to be one of these people in the bustling little Christmas village
Folks are singing merrily in their sleigh
A kind storekeeper offers cookies to the young carolers - note the blurry little fellow holding a light so the others can read their songbooks
And right next door people are going to church
These boys are struggling with the yule log. What is the one looking at while he's working so hard?
Why, these skaters who are having a wonderful time!
I wonder what books this cute little couple just bought


  1. What a cute village - I picture you living in a similar town with similar folks!

  2. This is a delightful village scene Nan. How about you and I meeting at the rare book store and then after shopping meet up with the carolers and then go get something to eat??

  3. Nan, I love your "willage" as my student Akhil would say! I posted a teensy bit about you in a post today. Your introduction to several music CDs has been invaluable to me!

  4. Nan, these figures are so beautiful. It's definitely a village you can imagine yourself walking in and enjoying the holiday joys.

  5. Thank you for your comments and joining in my Christmas whimsy. :<) Alison, I bet most towns are a bit like this. Lisa, I love the idea!! Bellezza, I'll be over. Thank you. Kay, it does feel like that. You should see the store that sells the village items - they offer several different ones, from city to country from England to New England. I can just imagine how it must be in there at night with all the customers gone, and those little lights shining in all the buildings.

  6. I am so enjoying Christmas at your home!

    The Village is absolutely delightful and has brought up wonderful memories of favorite childhood friends and neighbor who had a wonderful train set. I love train layout and at Christmas, they become truly magical places - much like your village.

    Also, the toys from a recent past have been wonderful. Wonderful traditions that you are passing on to your daughter and son.

  7. What a nice thing to say, Linda. It is like a train set-up, or a doll house. I love them all. Funny you say that about passing along traditions. Just last night our daughter and her fella were here and we were decorating. She'd say, oh, this always goes on the stairs. Or, we always put this here. It made me smile.

  8. What a wonderful atmosphere your village creates.

  9. Thank you S. Senex. I'm not sure when people started putting up these delightful villages. I know they weren't around in my childhood. In those days, my creche figures were made of rubber. Real high class! My village is a mix of different one, as the pieces were gifts.

  10. The Christmas village is just adorable.....I am very envious.


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