Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Snapshots

The Christmas morning sky was beautiful,

but we began the day with a power outage! There were high winds, and though this looks threatening,
it wasn't the reason we had no electricity. After a couple hours the Christmas lights and music came back on.

Stocking time - note those of the parents beside him. Books and books. That Santa is quite a fella!

We gave everyone in the family iPhoto picture albums from Tom's mother's birthday celebration, and what terrific responses we got - in person and via telephone. Each person had different photos, with a few common to everyone.
US and world maps were requested by our girl. Who knew ten years ago that she would be so thrilled by maps?!

Pondering what's inside of the incredibly light package... a picture of the new cell phone which will arrive in January!

Protective padding for snowboarding - which came in very handy the day after Christmas when he took a bad fall!

Blurry pic, but our daughter was very happy with her digital camera.

Afternoon's end

Black dogs in the evening light

Christmas evening sky


  1. Nan, looks like everyone had a great day!

  2. Thanks, Sherri! It was truly wonderful-very merry. :<)

  3. Looks like a fun and festive holiday! All those happy faces...

    So glad your power outage was brief...considering recent events, you were most fortunate!

  4. Thanks, Margaret! I actually called psnh and thanked them. :<) This one wasn't so bad because there wasn't any ice involved - strictly winds. We lose it a lot up on this hill. Our neighbors all have generators, but we haven't got one yet. Really it is just the freezer I worry about but I've decided I'll just bring the food to someone's house or put it outdoors if it is cold enough. Our water is from a spring, so no pump and there's the woodstove so we are all set.

  5. I love your header!

    Merry Christmas Nan, it looks like you had a lovely day.

  6. Thanks, Tara! It was a wonderful, wonderful day. I'm so pleased with the header, too. :<)

  7. Happy to see that you had such a fabulous Christmas! Those presents are all awesome.

    We had a power outage, too. I'm glad you got your power back quickly. Have a great New Year's celebration.

  8. I hope when my kids are the age of your children they will want to come home for Christmas. I can see why yours look so happy to be with you.

  9. Thank you, Kay. We don't really celebrate New Year's Eve, do you?
    KSV W. - It warms us beyond words that they want to be here. I'm sure yours will want to be home, too.

  10. it looks like your family enjoyed a truly wonderful day - i'm so happy for you! ours was great too, but much busier, more full of people, and i ended up sick before it was over. :( ah well, it was great anyway!

  11. Glad you had a good Christmas, Heather, but sorry you were sick.


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