Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quote du jour/James M. Barrie

God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.
James Matthew Barrie

And sometimes we don't need memory! This rose just arrived via that wonderful brown truck, from our cousin, Ginny. What a treat in these short days to have a rose plant in my house. I put it under the grow lights so it would think it was summertime.


  1. Hi Nan: Thanks so much for sharing your lovely photo. It certainly brightened up a very dull day.

  2. Here, too! It looks pinker than it is - must be the reflection of the grow lights.

  3. How lovely on a cold, winter day! (The rose and the quote!)

  4. thanks, Robin - it popped into my head as I was opening the package. :<)

  5. Isn't that a beautiful jolt of color in this gray, or in your case white, time of the year.

  6. What an incredibly thoughtful, and gorgeous, gift!

  7. What a treat! And such a pretty color, too.

    I used to have a sweatshirt with a Mary Englebreit picture and the Barrie quote. I wore it for years every winter.

  8. Lisa, that's great!
    Pamela, it really is a wonderful gift.
    Les, the color is really redder than it came through in the photo. I think Mary E. and Susan Branch really did a lot to bring a lot of great words into the public consciousness.


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