Monday, September 1, 2008

Sunday Stroll/August 31

In May I offered a 'Further Afield' posting about Susy's Garden. Yesterday we were invited down to her home again, and I thought how perfect for a Sunday Stroll. On Mother's Day, we were in the fullness of spring; and on Labor Day Sunday, we were looking toward fall.

Before the strolling began, we had lovely gin cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, one of which was sliced cucumber on toast spread with horseradish, and topped with a little garlic and parsley - delicious!

Susy is a potter, and her wind chimes played merrily as we picnicked in the deck's screened gazebo.

Bright Lights cosmos.

I love these little steps going up to the gazebo.

And the plants alongside the steps: nicotiana, snapdragons, yellow roses, lavender.

Susy's is a hillside of paths.

Rhododendrons on the hill.

Steps up to the house. Don't you just want to climb them?

Susy's meals have come from her vegetable garden all summer.

Clivia, outdoors for the summer.

Susy and her grandson.

Down by the pond. Yes, there is even a pond!

We ended our lovely afternoon visit with a homemade trifle -

and Zoe (Susy's son's family dog) in sunglasses!

I hope you can see from these pictures why I find Susy's home to be a place of enchantment. There are outdoor nooks and crannies, and benches everywhere to sit and enjoy the many special areas.


  1. What a treat to spend time on such a lovely piece of land! Yes, I agree. It looks like a bit of enchantment.

    Love your new header, too!

  2. So pretty, Nan! What a lovely place to spend time with friends. Thank you for sharing with us!


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