Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quote du jour/Gladys Taber

If anyone now asked me what happiness is, I should say it is a September day in New England.
Gladys Taber - Stillmeadow Seasons, 1950

28º F; first heavy frost. The sky is so clear, the air so cool, the world so sparkly.


  1. Wow. These pictures really make me realise how much the gulf stream does for us ... I'm not expecting any frost for another month; the first heavy one, if we're lucky, shouldn't be until November ... So I should stop moaning about the rain, and make the most of the few dahlias that have managed to produce flowers this benighted summer ;)


  2. Nan, the pictures are beautiful. It seems hard to believe you've had frost so early. Hope you didn'tlose too many veggies.

  3. Is that what I've missed by travelling to a more southerly area?

    Lovely photos. Autumn is bearing down on us. Even the calendar says so!

  4. It truly is a beautiful day--I brought in the tomatoes last night and put them on a card table by the window to ripen. No more garden.

  5. Boy, you really got a frost up there.

  6. Oh my gosh Nan, I didn't expect to see frost so soon. You must be way up north. What a shock, to me. Ha... I guess you are used to it. The first frosts are so pretty even though they leave quite the mess behind.

  7. We have not quite gotten frost down here in southern New Hampshire. But it's been a bit chilly in the mornings and I've got the beans ready for the stove.
    here is a lovely little thought from another New Englander...a bit more southern however...
    "I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house. So I spend almost all the daylight hours in the open air.-
    Nathaniel Hawthorne

  8. Let me guess. The fifth picture is of your VW's roof/sunroof? :)

  9. lovely photos - it's hard to imagine frost at the moment (we're just having a late burst of summer weather here) but it will be upon us very soon, no doubt.


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