Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Sally/September 27

Sally: a brief journey; an excursion or trip.

This week's Saturday Sallies:

I love these quotes on Lovely Little Moony Night, especially Beston's words about cottons and wools.

I have watched this video on Bread and Roses of a nurse washing a baby all those years ago a few times this week, and am so touched by it. I can feel that baby 'climbing' - I used to call it climbing Mt. Mumma when my kids were babies.

And I find this living room on Beauty That Moves as soothing as fall foliage or a beautiful sunset or a daffodil in the spring. I keep looking at it in wonder. There's just something about the light or space or order which delights me.


  1. That film of the nurse is a gem. It was brilliant to have it posted to youtube. Makes me want to go off to see my granddaughter.

  2. I love Beauty That Moves and am so glad to see her posting again. Her home is so very lovely! I always feel a sense of peace when I catch a glimpse of one of her rooms.

  3. Thanks for the link, Nan. I'm you enjoyed the video, I just love it too!

  4. Oh, loved the living room, too, and I do thank you for sharing. Those are the colors I used in my last house aqnd I enjoyed having autumn all year long there. :) Blessings, Debra

  5. I love learning a new word - I never heard of sally before (except used as the name).


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