Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Stroll/September 14

Today's Sunday Stroll highlights the stars of my September garden.

Lavatera, in two colors

Flocks of Miss Lingard white phlox, and a few magenta ones.

Autumn Joy sedum - and a joy it is!


And new to me this year, dahlias. A local fellow said this wasn't a good year for dahlias, and we didn't get too many, but they are still coming, and the ones we've gotten have been wonderful.

The rosehips are right alongside some new blooms on the rosa rugosas.

And the dear, dear spiderwort (pronounced wirt) blooms and stops, blooms and stops all summer long.

You may see who else took a stroll this Sunday at The Quiet Country House.


  1. I always heard it pronounced "spiderwart," which is an awful sounding name for such a sweet wildflower!

  2. Nan, I love all the pics you took! I especially love the lavatera in both colors. They are wonderful specimens!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the little drops of dew on the petals! Pretty.

  4. Your Miss Lingard phlox are so pretty! Mine have somehow reverted back to pink. Some one told me that happens after an especially hard winter. They're still pretty, but I liked the white in that spot. Oh, well, it's not like I have much control over my garden at this point

  5. So many similarities...after I posted my pics I came over here and found some very similar ones!

  6. Nan, Your pictures are just gorgeous today. Thank you for sharing. It isn't a good picture taking day here; the rain just wont let up. I really enjoyed my stroll through your garden, since I can't stroll in mine.

  7. Your flowers are stunning, Nan. I do love rosehips, too.

  8. what lovely flowers! They are gorgeous photos. I love phlox but don't have good luck with them here in California...

    I strolled with a big surprise. Come see!

  9. You always have the most beautiful photos, Nan!

  10. Beautiful! I think my favourites are the lavatera in white and the white and pink cosmos, but they're all lovely. I so wish we had a garden.

  11. I always love seeing your flower photos. It is good for my soul as we have already had a couple bouts of snow here.(!) It didn't "stick" but the idea that winter is around a very near corner is a bit hard for me to take just now. So being with you was a little retreat. I love the sedum. I don't think I've ever seen that kind of flower before. Beautiful, beautiful. ♡


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