Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Finds/September 5

I found one book this week, and it sounds like a great one!

From Elaine: The Private Patient by P.D. James. Here's her review.


  1. Nan
    My last comment got so wordy, I forgot what I really wanted to thank you for.
    You are such a treasure trove of ideas for books.. it's exciting heading into fall with so many ideas, from you. thank you thank you.
    PS. your summer 2007 zucchini choc cake made again last night for guests, a hit, as it always it.

  2. I too found a single book!

    Yours sounds good!

    My find!

  3. Oh, wow, Nan! I TOTALLY love your new blog header pic! You change 'em every week, or so, eh?

    This one -- with the bookshelf -- is just fantastic! :D

    How do you get them to come out so clear??? Whenever I post a bookshelf pic, I always end up having it full of little pixels... the stretching (or whatever) ruins it. :-?


  4. I had no idea that P D James was still writing. Will put this on the Christmas list.

  5. Cool! PD James is great. :-)
    Love the picture on your blog btw!


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