Saturday, September 20, 2008

Leek Harvest

No photos, but I dug, washed, chopped, and froze 23 cups of leeks today. They will make 8 batches of leek and potato soup, 2 meals per batch.


  1. That header photo with all those Wodehouse volumes just makes me smile and smile.

    I've got an almost identical shelf!

  2. Hi Nan: I can imagine that soup will be lovely on a cold winter day. Once you taste that delicious broth, you will forget all the hard work attached to it.

    Thanks again for all your lovely comments on my blog, they are very much appreciated.


  3. The French women say that there's nothing like leek soup (although that's sans potato ;) for losing weight. I remember buying them at the Farmer's Market in France when I was a little girl. My mother has always been so good at knowing what to do with vegetables, while I just admire them from afar.

  4. 16 meals of leek soup is a lot of leeks. I usually only make enough leek soup for 2 meals at a time and that's a lot of chopping, but it is a favourite of ours. I also made leek soup yesterday - in my version I also add a chopped onion to leeks and potatoes, cook in vegetable stock and then whizz it all up together. Imagine we both ate leek soup on different sides of the Atlantic yesterday(well maybe not very strange, but hey ... )


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