Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lily of the day/August 6


  1. Love these lilies! Wow, I didn't know they came in so many different colors! Simply gorgeous!

  2. Well, I am far, far away..Back here on the Central Coast of California and when I saw your blog...and the quote from my beloved Gladys Taber (nobody here knows whos she is) I just about melted.

    You have a new fan. I just love your blog.

    Although I am in California, I am doing my level best to pretend I am in New England.


  3. my lillies quit blooming, I think maybe it got too hot for them - yours are magnificant, Nan!

  4. I love your Lily photos of my favourite flowers ...but I have to be careful about growing them as I have so many cats, to whom they are poisonous.

    I found you through 'Mornings Minion' and now I have found all your yummy recipes ...I'll be back.

  5. The lilies are all so colorful--are they in a separate bed or mixed into a perennial border?

  6. Gorgeous!!! I need to get more color into my yard and your pictures inspire me!!!

  7. Gigi, I do too, and there are so very many more colors than I have.

    Sherri, me too. It is almost a maroon. This is one of my favorites.

    Kary, thank you so much for coming by and leaving your nice words. I'll come visit you. It's funny, I used to have a GT quote on my blog and then I took it off for a while. I had just put it back when you found me. :<)

    Blessed with four, this is their shining time of the year. The orange ones have gone by but I still have a lot.

    Angie, thanks for visiting. My cats are inside so I don't have to worry. :<)

    Morning's Minion, some are mixed, some are just daylilies, but they are the stars of the garden that's for sure!

    Staci, nothing could be easier to grow. I am not the kind of gardener who spends much time working in the garden. I mostly just like to enjoy it so daylilies are perfect for me. No fussing, no work, just pure beauty and joy.


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