Thursday, July 19, 2007

Quote du jour/Mrs Bale

I am rather pleased to learn I have a Plantagenet face.
Mrs Bale, As Time Goes By


  1. Oh that Mrs. Bale! I could go for one of her cocktails about now. LOL

  2. Doesn't she just! What a great programme.

  3. Grace, I have a great another great quote du jour coming up from Mrs Bale, and it has to do with cocktails. :<)

    Karen, So good to hear from you. I've not been over to your blog for a bit. There aren't enough hours in a summer day. :<) Will stop by soon. Doesn't Mrs B look SO delighted?!

  4. I now have every single episode of As Time Goes By on DVD including the Christmas specials last year. I love love love them and never tire of watching them


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