Sunday, July 22, 2007

Orange inside and out

This is the same Clivia which blossomed in January.

And our beloved orange daylily.


  1. Both photographs are beautiful, but the Clivia is stunning! Gorgeous color. Thanks for sharing such lovely color to brighten our rather gray afternoon!

  2. Thanks, Robin. I love that Clivia plant so much. I've moved it to different locations around the house but it seems happiest on the south side of the house. Those flowers seem a miracle to me.

  3. I love those flowers! Nan, I think that little envelope is so that you can email the post to someone else, not to email me. My email is private and not listed on the site. Not that I wouldn't mind you having it, but it's not secure from anyone else. The typepad blog accounts seem to offer a better chance to exchange emails privately, it seems.


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