Friday, January 28, 2011

Today's pictures/ Sunshine Spotlight two


  1. The chair looks so comfy and inviting, a perfect place to sit and enjoy a good book. :)

  2. Kittie Flyn, that's what I'm doing just now! I did some rearranging, and brought that chair into the kitchen by the woodstove.

  3. Ah ha! That looks like a Christmas cactus in your photo. Ours bloomed for a short time this year and faded away.

  4. Do you really still have unopened Christmas presents around? Wow!
    I imagine the chair with the very pretty cushion will be everyone's favourite :-)

  5. Hi Nan,

    Sunshine through windows, so wonderful. I love these cozy photos.

    Sending warmth across the miles,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  6. Beautiful photos! Could do with a bit of that sunshine here...

  7. I miss it during the winter months!

  8. There's nothing like a ray of sunshine - makes me happy. A woodstove sounds delightful - I don't know what happened to our winter it was 75 today. I think cold weather might be moving in next week though.

  9. What a nice mood these photos invoke. There's something so pretty about winter light.

  10. I agree with Kittie Flyn. Your chair looks so comfy!! And I see a familiar mug in that first picture. :)

  11. I love the sun filtering through the windows - this time of the year.
    I took some similar pictures early this morning ..

  12. Nan, I love shadows! I love the pictures you took! Have a great weekend!

  13. Kay, it is! One of four I have. This is one I gave to my mother on her last Christmas in 1972. Amazingly, it still lives. It isn't huge or perfect but it blooms every year.

    Librarian, no! It is a present for someone else who coincidentally just dropped in last night and opened it!! Two books. And the chair was moved to the kitchen yesterday. It was nice in the study but I needed that woodstove to read by these cold days. :<)

    Sharon, thank you! Nothing like that winter sun.

    Stuck in a book, I'll send some over. :<)

    Staci, we've really had quite a bit of sun!

    Ann, it is colder than that INSIDE my house!

    J.G., I so agree. It comes into the house at different angles than in the summer and really does seem to shine a spotlight on certain areas. I love it.

    Les, good eye!! I adore that mug.

    Ernestine, it is different than summer sun, isn't it.

    Thank you, Sherri!

  14. Love your sunny corners. I'm having a virtual feast catching up on your blogposts -- got way behind last week as we entertained the younger generations. Thanks for the recipes and book suggestion (in the other posts I just read).


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