Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reporting on the 2010 books

This is my 'just the facts' posting of the year. Along with being a book geek, I am a little bit of a statistics geek as well. I've added a few more categories this year, including library books, rereads, and an idea I got from Kiirstin of counting series books.

77 read

53 by women
24 by men

42 Mystery (YA mystery counted under YA not mystery)
13 Fiction
9 Nonfiction
6 Young Adult
5 Juvenile
2 Children

13 Audio books
22 Library books
10 Rereads
50 Series books (all genres)

Publication dates:
46 - 2000s
13 - 1990s
2 - 1980s
4 - 1970s
1 - 1960s
2 - 1950s
5 - 1940s
3 - 1930s
1 - 1920s


  1. Love the detail Nan. May 2011 be your banner book year for most enjoyable reading.

  2. Diane, I had way too much fun compiling those stats. :<) Most every year is a banner year because I read only what I enjoy and drop what I don't! Looking forward to your postings this year.

  3. That's an amazing list. Happy New Year to you.

  4. You do a great job with your stats!! And you had a great year of reading!

  5. Oh, you simply have to love those stats :-) I do, too; I am still a Librarian, after all, even though I have not been working at a library anymore since 1992.
    Actually, I could start to compile my own reading stats this year, somehow I've never done it.

  6. Publication dates is a good idea; wish I'd thought of it!

  7. And to you, Ann. Much success with the upcoming book!

    Staci, as I said to Diane, way too much fun!

    Librarian, the secret for me is writing everything down when I read the book - genre, pub. date, etc. and then it is pretty easy at year's end to add them all up. That's what my book lists are in the tab under the banner header.

    Call me madam, I continue to be amazed at how much new stuff I read, when I think of myself as reading mostly older books. :<)

  8. I love the way your reading was spread out over so many decades. That's something I've never kept track of - what decade they came from (and # of male vs. female authors). Cool list. Happy New Year!

  9. While I am a terrible stastician I like seeing the results. You are a prolific reader. This makes me wonder what my list would look like if I could make myself keep a list.

  10. I love the way you word your posts! A book geek and a statistics geek! So much more modern and cool-sounding than the way I've been describing my list-making to people as OCD!

    As well, thank you for the pointers to other interesting book blogs.

  11. Bookfool, I like keeping track of the decades, and am always amazed that so much of what I read is new. I think of myself as reading mostly older books. Isn't that funny.

    Lisa, perfect time to begin! I just jot things down as I read a book.

    Sallie, nothing wrong with ocd. Mr Monk made it cool. :<)

  12. Looks like you had a good reading year, Nan! I break down my reads by publication date too but decided not to list those stats this year since they weren't very worthwhile. It is fun to see the breakdown though, even if I keep it to myself.

  13. Literary Feline, all those stats are so fun, aren't they?!


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