Monday, January 5, 2009

Books Read in 2009

You may click on highlighted titles to read a review:

by Tatiana de Rosnay
fiction, 2007
finished, 12/28/09

by Patrick Taylor
fiction, 2007
library copy
unabridged audio cd, read by John Keating
finished, 12/23/09

by Patrick Taylor
fiction, 2008
library audio cd
unabridged, read by John Keating
finished, 12/15/09

59. Mrs. Malory and the Festival Murder - fourth in the Mrs. Malory series
by Hazel Holt
mystery, 1993
finished, 12/10/09

by Tomie dePaola
nonfiction, 2006
second reading
finished, 12/4/09

by John Mortimer
fiction, 2009
finished, 12/2/09

by Agatha Christie
mystery, 1939
finished, 11/29/09

55. Christmas is Murder - first in the Rex Graves series
by C.S. Challinor
mystery, 2008
finished, 11/26/09

54. The Dogs of Riga - second in the Wallander series
by Henning Mankell
mystery, 1992
translated by Laurie Thompson
finished, 11/20/09

by O. Douglas
fiction, 1912
finished, 11/11/09

52. Mrs. Malory's Shortest Journey - third in the Mrs. Malory series
by Hazel Holt
mystery, 1992
finished, 11/1/09

by Paula Deen
nonfiction, 2007
library audio cd
abridged, read by the author
finished, 10/29/09

by Rebecca West
fiction, 1918
library book
finished, 10/26/09

49. Death of a Maid - twenty-third in the Hamish Macbeth series
by M.C. Beaton
mystery, 2007
library audiotape
unabridged, read by Graeme Malcolm
finished, 10/25/09

48. The Mysterious Affair at Styles - first in the Hercule Poirot series
by Agatha Christie
mystery, 1920
finished, 10/23/09

47. The Case of the Missing Servant - first in the Vish Puri series
by Tarquin Hall
mystery, 2009
library book
finished, 10/17/09

46. Faceless Killers - first in the Wallander series
by Henning Mankell
mystery, 1991
translated by Steven T. Murray
finished, 10/17/09

by Joyce Dennys
fiction, written in the 1940s; compiled in book form, 1985
finished, 10/7/09

44. The Comforts of a Muddy Saturday - fifth in the Isabel Dalhousie series
by Alexander McCall Smith
fiction, 2008
finished, 9/27/09

by R.C. Sherriff
fiction, 1931
finished, 9/17/09

by Julia Strachey
fiction, 1932
finished, 9/2/09

41. An April Shroud - fourth in the Dalziel & Pascoe series
by Reginald Hill
mystery, 1975
finished, 8/31/09

by Elizabeth Taylor
fiction, 1961
library book
finished, 8/23/09

39. Among the Mad - sixth in the Maisie Dobbs series
by Jacqueline Winspear
mystery, 2009
library book
finished, 8/16/099

38. Ruling Passion - third in the Dalziel & Pascoe series
by Reginald Hill
mystery, 1973
finished, 8/12/09
(I stopped listing amount of pages with this book. I found I didn't really care)

written and illustrated by Brian Selznick
juvenile fiction, 2007
hardcover, 526 pages
library book
finished, 8/3/09

by Elizabeth Strout
fiction, 2008
hardcover, 267 pages
library book
finished, 7/29/09

by Phoebe Atwood Taylor
mystery, 1938
hardcover, 266 pages
library book
finished, 7/20/09

34. Tea Time for the Traditionally Built - tenth in the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series
by Alexander McCall Smith
fiction, 2009
hardcover, 210 pages
library book
finished, 7/16/09

33. Jane's Parlour
by O. Douglas
fiction, 1937
hardcover, 374 pages
finished, 7/1/09

32. Family Happiness
by Laurie Colwin
fiction, 1982
paperback, 270 pages
finished, 6/16/09

31. War on the Margins
by Libby Cone
fiction, 2009
paperback, 243 pages
finished, 6/13/09

30. An Advancement of Learning - second in the Dalziel & Pascoe series
by Reginald Hill
mystery, 1971
paperback, 288 pages
finished, 5/30/09

29. A Clubbable Woman - first in the Dalziel & Pascoe series
by Reginald Hill
mystery, 1970
paperback, 273 pages
finished, 5/23/09

28. Greenery Street
by Denis Mackail
fiction, 1925
paperback, 372 pages
finished, 5/19/09

27. Home Sweet Homicide
by Craig Rice
mystery, 1944
paperback, 209 pages
finished, 5/5/09

26. George & Sam
Two Boys, One Family, and Autism

by Charlotte Moore
nonfiction, 2004
paperback, 289 pages
finished, 5/3/09

25. The Spare Room
by Helen Garner
fiction, 2008
hardcover, 195 pages
finished, 4/27/09

24. Blackthorn Winter
by Sarah Challis
fiction, 2003
paperback, 345 pages
finished, 4/25/09

23. A Blessing of Toads
A Gardener's Guide to Living with Nature
by Sharon Lovejoy
nonfiction, 2004
paperback, 294 pages
finished, 4/18/09

22. Rumpole Rests His Case
by John Mortimer
fiction, 2001
paperback, 211 pages
finished, 4/12/09

21. Saplings
by Noel Streatfeild
fiction, 1945
paperback, 361 pages
finished, 4/1/09

20. Valley of the Lost - second in the Constable Molly Smith series
by Vicki Delany
mystery, 2009
hardcover, 291 pages
finished, 3/28/09

19. The Four-Story Mistake - second in the Melendy family series
by Elizabeth Enright
juvenile fiction, 1942
paperback, 174 pages
second reading
finished, 3/26/09

18. Green Grass
by Raffaella Barker
fiction, 2002
paperback, 376 pages
finished, 3/23/09

17. The Cruellest Month - second in the Mrs. Malory series
by Hazel Holt
mystery, 1991
paperback, 211 pages
finished, 3/16/09

16. An Incomplete Revenge - fifth in the Maisie Dobbs series
by Jacqueline Winspear
mystery, 2008
paperback, 303 pages
finished, 3/15/09

15. Messenger of Truth - fourth in the Maisie Dobbs series
by Jacqueline Winspear
mystery, 2006
paperback, 319 pages
finished, 3/11/09

14. The Mysterious Benedict Society - first in The Mysterious Benedict Society series
by Trenton Lee Stewart
juvenile fiction, 2007
paperback, 485 pages
finished, 3/6/08

13. The Saturdays - first in the Melendy family series
by Elizabeth Enright
juvenile fiction, 1941
paperback, 168 pages
second reading
finished, 3/1/09

12. Storm in the Village - third in the Fairacre series
by Miss Read
fiction, 1958
paperback, 238 pages
second reading
finished, 2/23/09

11. Happy All The Time
by Laurie Colwin
fiction, 1978
paperback, 212 pages
finished, 2/18/09

10. The House on Tradd Street - first in the Melanie Middleton and Jack Trenholm series
by Karen White
fiction, 2008
paperback, 329 pages
finished, 2/15/09

9. The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan - fourth in the Enola Holmes series
by Nancy Springer
young adult mystery, 2008
hardcover, 183 pages
finished, 2/2/09

8. More Home Cooking: A Writer Returns to the Kitchen
by Laurie Colwin
nonfiction essays, 1993
paperback, 210 pages
finished 2/1/09

7. Death in the Morning - first in the Inspector Quantrill series
by Sheila Radley
mystery, 1978
paperback, 244 pages
finished, 1/31/09

6. Village Diary - second in the Fairacre series
by Miss Read
fiction, 1957
paperback, 246 pages
second reading
finished, 1/29/09

5. The London Scene
by Virginia Woolf
nonfiction, 1931
hardcover, 90 pages
finished, 1/25/09

4. Pink Sugar
by O. Douglas
fiction, 1924
hardcover, 288 pages
finished, 1/24/09

3. Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day
by Winifred Watson
fiction, 1938
paperback, 234 pages
finished, 1/16/09

2. Village School - first in the Fairacre series
by Miss Read
fiction, 1955
paperback, 229 pages
second reading
finished, 1/12/09

1. A Necessary End - third in the Inspector Banks series
by Peter Robinson
mystery, 1989
paperback, 340 pages
finished, 1/5/09


  1. Now I just need to do a book report, Pamela! This post is really just for future reference on the sidebar.
    Dulce Domum, good to have you back! I have a little framed picture of the header, along with lots of coffee facts. I bought it at a retro diner a while ago.

  2. Hope you liked the book, Nan. Peter Robinson is a writer I've long enjoyed.

  3. I loved it, Martin. Now I need to do my book report.

  4. I love Peter Robinson, but I don't think I've managed to catch up with all the Inspector Banks books. I'm reading Where Memories Lie by Deborah Crombie right now and enjoying it tremendously. I look forward to the book report.

  5. Pat, I've not read Crombie - yet. :<)

  6. I love your web site and particularly the information on Eudora Welty, and the link to her web site. I love this period of women writer's. I have to say that I have never read any of Welty's books; could you recommend one for me.


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