Friday, January 2, 2009

Reporting on the 2008 books - audio version - just the facts

80 listened to

46 by women
35 by men
(1 by both so counted each one)

Publication dates:

31 in 2000s

13 in 1990s

1 in 1980s

7 in 1970s

9 in 1960s

10 in 1950s

2 in 1940s

7 in 1930s

1 in 1906

1 in 1896, 1 in 1865

(1 collection of short stories written earlier but compiled in 2003- so called it in the 2000s)
(another Christmas collection, same thing)
(4 books counted as one - 3 in 1960s, 1 in 1970s)

28 re-reads (includes 4 books counted as 1) - favorite, Dear Mr. Jefferson: Letters from a Nantucket Gardener by Laura Simon

Genres and favorites:

4 (counted as 1) children's picture books - favorite, all (the Frances books)

20 fiction - favorite, The Miracle at Speedy Motors by Alexander McCall Smith

16 juvenile - favorite, Counting on Grace by Elizabeth Winthrop

17 mystery - favorite, In the Shadow of the Glacier by Vicki Delany

22 nonfiction - favorite, The Partly Cloudy Patriot by Sarah Vowell

4 young adult - favorite, Lyddie by Katherine Paterson


  1. I love your breakdown. I need to add more audio books to my reading. One of these days I might get an Ipod and then I'll make my son download them for me so I can listen on my walks that I plan on taking in the spring. Oh, how I long for spring weather right now!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. And Staci, I'm going to read all my books in print version this year! I've decided to listen to just my music cds in the car and read print books in the house. :<) As an alternative to an iPod, you could get a portable cd or even tape player and listen that way. I can't even imagine spring - it's very far off around here.

  3. Wow. That's a lot of re-reads! I so rarely listen to books on audio. I downloaded Pilcher's Winter Solstice (which I've read in printed form), but only listened to two cds. My treadmill time is limited these days and when I walk with Annie-Dog, I tend to listen to the noises around me. It might sound odd, but it feels rude to listen to a book while walking my dog. I feel as if I should be communicating with her. :)

  4. Les, I feel the same way when I walk with the dogs! I like to talk to them and listen to the birds or whatever sounds are around. The only reason I read so many books again is that the choice of audiobooks is so, so, so much smaller than print books. I don't know if you read my response to Staci, but I'm not listening anymore. I'm done with audiobooks. I've listened for many years and have decided it is enough. Lots of book changes for me this year, and I feel fantastic about them.


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