Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today's Pictures/Dining for deer

Because our road is technically a town road, not a private one, the town highway people plow and sand in winter, and grade in the summer. I can't imagine what an expense this would be if we had to take care of it ourselves.

When there's a lot of snow to plow, the plowman makes a little shelf alongside the road, which you can see on the right of the photo. You may also see a dark area - that is what's left of the little pile of food Tom put down for the deer last night.
Closeup of the deer's table, and a hoof print!

I noted in a comment on the Deeries post that Tom put out some leftover 'sweet feed' that our late donkey, Juno, used to eat, on the recommendation of the woman at the local feed store. When it runs out, we'll probably buy some specific feed just for deer. Some people frown on doing this, but our neighbor has fed deer for a long time with no problems. Years ago, they didn't believe in feeding wild birds either. Someone we know in the neighboring state, where it is actually against the law, says, no one is going to tell her what she can do in her own yard! Oh, we New Englanders are an independent lot.


  1. I admire your independence, you New Englanders.

    And how kind of you to feed the deer.

    I would really love to keep a couple of donkeys.

  2. Cait, you've sure got just the right space for them! I can picture them down by the caravan, waiting for handouts from any guests staying there. :<) When we were in Ireland, almost 17 years ago, we visited the Dysart Donkey Sanctuary in County Clare. It was then run by Colleen and Peter Jay. Have you ever heard of it? I can't seem to find it online. And those donkeys I mentioned in the link are now taken care of by an English one in Devon- http://www.minackchronicles.com/derekandjeannie.html

    They are the most wonderful creatures - cheerful, friendly, loving toward children.

    1. My father also visited that same sanctuary many years ago. It seems to have closed down. Peter and Colleen are now saving dogs in Spain!

    2. Is this 'anonymous' Carole?? I am SO happy you came here and left me this information! Thank you very much. I am amazed anyone happened onto this older posting. Thanks again.

  3. Nan,
    I see nothing wrong with feeding the deer. Hunters here in Michigan are allowed to "bait" deer before and during hunting season. That is what I think is wrong!!

  4. Staci, me, too. I know all the arguments about why hunting is necessary, but my heart just can't buy them. :<)

  5. They are really hungry here with cold and snow and all covered up. I should buy some alfalfa pellets or something. Is there a 'Purina Deer Chow'?

  6. I love feeding birds and animals when I can during the winter. I even have a bag full of dry bread crusts in the car for if I find along my route horses and donkeys left out in the fields in winter without shelter or hay. This happens too often and is heartbreaking to see.

  7. Layanee, Tom is getting some today since our 'sweet feed' is gone. Three of them visited around 3 this morning. I called the feed store, and it is just called 'deer feed' and is made by Nutrena.
    K, I can't bear it. I thought there were laws saying animals had to have a shelter.


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