Friday, January 16, 2009

Quote du jour/Gladys Taber

The winter suns burns like white fire on the snow.
Gladys Taber
Stillmeadow Sampler, 1959


  1. It's been thirteen below in Chicago-land for two days now. I love it! Even the burn! As long as everyone stays safe. I've left you a small token of my appreciation on my blog. Something to warm you up. ;)

  2. Oh, my dear winter pal! You get it! You understand!

  3. This reminds me of the day I took my kids snowshoeing in Mount Rainier National Park. It never occurred to me that we should apply sunscreen. The three of us were a sight to see. Poor Matthew's ears were blistered. Be sure to wear sunscreen!

  4. Pristine snow! How beautiful: Here in the southern hemisphere (30°E, 30-something° S), it's summer and temperatures are in the mid-30's now and again. In winter, snow below 6000ft is a BIG EVENT, everyone and their kids go out to play in it!
    Nice blog from your farm, thanks. Ciao.

  5. Patrice, that's amazing. It just doesn't happen here in the east. I asked my son if he ever got sunburned and both he and Tom said, no. If I understand it right, we don't have the bright sun to make that happen, plus it's too cold.

    Ian, thanks for coming by, and for your nice words. I just went over to your blog. Interesting, informative, wonderful, fascinating! I'll be spending more time there.

  6. Our lowest temp was Friday night at 7 degrees. The apartment was cold and drafty - am taking Mrs. Bale's advice and not whining and just keeping warm.

    The new banner is wonderful and captured the darker shading on the deer right now.

  7. Linda, thank you! Tom took it from the laundry room window. The deer was still and quite close. I love the face. We're at a balmy 18º F. right now, with snow coming down.


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