Thursday, May 1, 2008

Today's poems about trees

The first poem is by James Hayford.

Time to Plant Trees

Time to plant trees is when you're young
So you will have them to walk among -

So, aging, you can walk in shade
That you and time together made.

The second comes from a beloved book, Animal Instincts by Alan Titchmarsh. In the book, these words are said at a burial, and there are quotes around them. I don't know if they are the author's words or if someone else wrote them. I've done some searching but to no avail.

He leaves no mark, the man on earth,
To cause rejoicing at his birth,
Unless that mark be growing still
When he is laid 'neath yonder hill.
If at his death they cannot see
The branches of a sky-bound tree,
Whose roots he laid in leafy soil
When but a sapling, then his toil
Will count for nought in hill and dale
And vivid memory fade to pale.
But were that life to nature giv'n
Then man on earth createth heav'n
And heaven liveth evermore
Upon the tide-washed leafy shore.


  1. Oh Nan! This photo is absolute loveliness, like pure air. My heart expanded like a balloon when I saw this. Thank you.

  2. And I thank you, Colleen. I used that particular shot from a few years ago because we planted the trees.

  3. Of all the photographs you've shared with me throughout the years, I think this is my all-time favorite. Absolutely stunning!

  4. Les, I'll tell my son. He took it with our first digital camera in August, 2002. It really is gorgeous.

  5. Please be sure to tell him how much I love this photo! Rod (the former high school photography teacher) does, too!


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