Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stereophonic Sound

If you've been around a while, you might remember the early days of stereo, when you could hear the words out of one speaker and the music out of the other. Well, I just went outdoors at nine o'clock at night, and on my left I heard spring peepers, and on my right I heard the woodcock. It was wonderful. I found the following photos on the internet.


  1. Nan, Wow - what great photos. I can almost hear both! Did you take those photos this evening? -- Nan

  2. Nan, after reading your comment, I went back and put a note to say I got the photos off the internet!! Both peepers and woodcocks are very elusive. I sometimes get a view of the latter doing the little sky dance they do, but that's it.

  3. Well - your photos are beautiful, so I wouldn't have been surprised if you had taken them. We have friends who are biologists, and one spring a few years ago they took Tom and me on a walk to see the woodcock do its dance. Very cool!
    (PS Have you noticed that the two ways that readers can distinguish which Nan is commenting on blogs we both might read is our photo-icons and also, your name has a dash after it and mine does not. The funny thing is, I almost selected a B&W baby photo as my photo icon way back when I joined blogger . . . and then didn't. Now that would have been *really* confusing.)

  4. I so love the sound of peepers!


  5. That's a magical introduction to a piece about nature. Very clever indeed.


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