Monday, May 12, 2008

Today's picture/Mama Robin

This is probably as close as I'll get to the mother robin while she sits on those eggs! I had to take the photo from the study window. If you click on it, you can see her more clearly. I don't think she ever closes her eyes. Rather like human mothers. :<) Whenever we get too near the nest, she flies away into the nearby locust tree and scolds us until we leave. We aren't sitting on the porch at all until those babies hatch and fly away.


  1. Amazing that she allowed Papa Robin to build the nest so close to the house! And what a marvelous opportunity for a close-up view. :)

  2. what fun! Has one ever nested there before?

  3. If you click the underlined - mother robin - you can read about how we've never had a nest so close to the house. We feel honored.

  4. Like human mothers indeed. Do you ever really close your eyes? LOL Your inner eyes I mean?

  5. What fun this will be for you. We once had a robin pair build a nest right next to our front door. We hung a mirror on a post opposite the nest so we could see them from the picture window. Have fun.

    Jody (who really loves visiting your blog)

  6. You are being so sweet, to and for this mama robin. I'm sure she would appreciate it, if she could. :-)



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