Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Stroll/May 18

I've been meaning to participate in Aisling's Sunday Stroll for a while now, and finally I remembered on the right day. I think it is a delightful idea, as well as having a lovely name. Not a walk or a jog but a leisurely stroll on one's land, keeping an eye out for what's growing.

The first bleeding heart.

I am so pleased because Tom's mother gave us a bunch of forget-me-nots last summer, and they not only came up, but are blooming.

There are still a few daffodils in bloom, though many have faded. I always feel a sadness when the first flowers of the season go by.

The shallots are doing great!

Violets are everywhere. How I love them. These were the flowers I held on our wedding day, bought at a flower stall in South Kensington.

The crab apples are in bloom.

Every day is a Sunday Stroll for the chickens.


  1. Nan, I'm so glad you posted these photos. You have a lot of the same things blooming that I do (though it is hard to take photos on this windy day!) I especially love the photos of the chickens, and your comment. So cute! :)

  2. Lovely spring flowers. Chickens are the best strollers. They don't miss much.

  3. This Sunday Stroll idea is wonderful! I'm still learning all the linking stuff, but I did go ahead and take a few pictures of the current state of my yard (thankfully NOT raining today!). This gives me something nice to do with Sunday posts.

  4. Oh, I really enjoyed that. I was hoping to get a peek at Mr & Mrs Robin and their family. How are they coming along?


  5. What a lovely idea. I love the forget-me-nots.

  6. Hi Nan! It has been too long since I stopped and said hi. I have missed you and then get to take a lovely stroll with you too. Thanks for the wonderful pictures. Hope all is well there? I am getting back into the swing of things now that my mother and other visitors are safely back home. It was exhausting though and I have needed some days to feel my energy begin to return to normal.

    You asked what 'boom' means? It is the Dutch word for tree.

    Hugs ~

  7. There's something about chickens, and pictures of them, that warms my heart. I don't know what it is. I feel cosy and happy and that everything in the world is okay. Of course it isn't but for a while I feel peaceful. How strange... I know it's something we want if we move to the countryside- chickens. And a goat.

  8. Lovely piccies and stunning Forget Me Nots

  9. Hello Nan,

    What lovely pictures of spring. I feel as if I were on a vicarious stroll with you.


  10. Thanks to each of you for taking the time to comment. Joyce, let me know if you are still having trouble with the linking, and I'll try and help.

    I've been thinking about doing an update on the robin. Thanks for asking, Gumbo Lily.

    The Elementary, chickens are peaceful; goats not so much.My goats drive me crazy. :<)

    Heidi, I know how busy you've been. So nice to see your name here.

    Those chickens strolling just jumped out at me as I was strolling around, and I thought how perfect. They don't need anyone to remind them!


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