Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Look who's back!

So far, I've seen only a couple of these garter snakes, but it has been cool and they may be waiting to come out. They are on a terrace step, and it is just perfect for them because of the warm stone and the little bit of grass and dandelion that sprouted in the crack. There is a second head there between two blades of grass. If you want to read last year's snake posts, they are here, and here.


  1. I looked very carefully and I DO see the second head -- they're coiled together.
    I know garter snakes are harmless and helpful but ugh, I'm so NOT a reptile person.
    Jeanne :)

  2. Oh how cool! I know I'm a bit odd, but I think snakes are fantastic. My husband is creeped out by them and my son is scared of them, but I think they're great - go figure! It's nice that these are the non-aggressive, non-poisonous ones ... I do think even I'd be concerned if there were any others on my porch!

  3. OMGG That's JUST a Garter Snake, I had no idea they got that big! I'd have been off running and screaming!

  4. Thanks to each of you for coming by. I used to be quite frightened but since last year's batch, I became interested and even, caring, if you can believe it! They are about 18 inches long, and I know I couldn't deal with killer snakes, at all. We were in Texas once, and I kept telling my kids to look on the ground where they walked. :<)

  5. Ew, eewww, eeewwww! I KNOW they're harmless (though they do have a strong bite and can be pretty agressive), and I KNOW how beneficial they are to the garden and environment, but oh my, you are so much braver than I am! Snakes and spiders, both phobias of mine. They're beautiful, but I'm glad they're yours. :-)


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