Friday, May 30, 2008

Today's picture/Cat and bird

This isn't a very good shot, but it illustrates one of the reasons we keep our cats indoors. I have read horrible stats on how many songbirds are killed by domestic cats. The other reason we keep them in is just the opposite. Over the years, two of our cats were killed by coyotes and two by fishers. Raya was perfectly happy sitting on the windowsill chattering away. And when they miss hunting outdoors, they can take care of the indoor mice. Tom found a dead one in the bathroom when he got up yesterday morning.


  1. Au contraire, I think it's an excellent picture capturing the bird, the cat, AND the lilacs! Don't change your header for awhile; it's too perfect. I can practically smell the flowers.

    Remember when we were posting shots of snow? :)

  2. I love the photo and would enter it in any contest I could! The title, Longing. :)

    Our cat is a mouser, moler, and voler, but she has no taste for birds. The Mockingbirds keep her at bay. Actually, she clicks her mouth at birds which is rather creepy.

  3. Love the picture, even from the back you can feel the cat's intent gaze outdoors...the big cat from across the street has been stalking my baby groundhogs which is frustrating as she is so clever and they are really not.

  4. We're so lucky - the only danger to our cat is from traffic and fortunately so far she's kept well away from danger (she's 14). She used to catch lots of birds but I've not seen any evidence of that recently. She still catches mice - last week I came downstairs to find a dead mouse on the kitchen table - yuck! I wish she would realise that we don't like mice as presents.

  5. What a perfect photo! The pose just says it all. :) Wishful Thinking?

  6. I am proud of you for keeping your cats indoors. As you say the cats can't help that they like to hunt. It is a great game for them. Plus they are safer inside. We find dead cats along our road often. It makes me sad.


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