Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quote du jour/Storm Jameson

We need the slower and more lasting stimulus of solitary reading as a relief from the pressure on eye, ear and nerves of the torrent of information and entertainment pouring from ever-open electronic jaws. It could end by stupefying us.
(Margaret) Storm Jameson (1891-1986)


  1. I love this quote. I so believe it too. I also like your new header picture.

  2. Well, isn't that the truth!!!!

    Love your new blog banners of books!

  3. I wish I looked like Storm Jameson. In fact, I wish I had that name too. Thanks for putting me onto her.

  4. So true and she must have written this pre-internet, iphone and electronic media!

  5. Vintage Reading, I'm so pleased you came over to read it. I found her words just amazing!


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