Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quote du jour/Gladys Taber

The cool and sparkling days of September flow like golden wine into the bowl of autumn. I cannot have enough of each day; I try to measure out the minutes sparingly, for this is the time of enchantment. The leaves are turning, and I wonder whether I ever saw them before, for the colors are a new miracle of blended tones. Surely this year is a lovelier autumn; the maples have a clearer fire.
Gladys Taber - Stillmeadow Seasons, 1950


  1. Stunning photos! The last especially looks like the "fire" Gladys describes. I wonder if it actually is the kind of Maple called "Autumn Blaze"?

  2. How beautiful. You are an amazing photographer - and cook!

  3. Thank you, Alison and Susie! Those are what we call, Red Maples or Swamp Maples. Susie, I'm not so amazing, honestly! I take a million pictures to get a few good ones, and I have very little idea of the buttons on my camera. Wish I did, but I'm not so good at reading manuals. :<) And my cooking is the simplest, most basic vegetarian kind. I wouldn't know how to put together those big dinners with meats and fishes. :<) But I thank you for your kind words!

  4. How beautiful! Gladys Taber always makes me sigh, her words are so lovely. So are your photos!


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