Sunday, September 21, 2008

Please stay tuned - cook-keeping

That title is just my lame attempt at wit. :<) A while ago, I did what I called "bookkeeping" when I organized book reports, and separated audiobooks from print books. Well, I'm going to try and do something similar with recipes. Over the almost two years I've kept this online journal, I've had a few people tell me that the recipes were their favorite posts, and I thought for them, and for me, I'd like to keep better track of them. I do have a few in the Letters Topics, such as Sunday Suppers and Food and Drink. Now, I'm going to try organizing them by category, and will be setting up separate posts and adding them to the sidebar. This will take a while, I think, and I'm away tomorrow, so it won't be complete for a few days. Please stay tuned.


Now that I am a grandmother, it seems that I am often late in replying to your most-appreciated comments. But I read them as soon as they come in, and I will write as soon as I can. Please do come back and check. I love these blogging conversations. A little addendum - I've just spent quite a long time catching up with dear notes you left me months ago!! I do hope you can get back to read them. And I'm trying to be much more prompt now!

Also, you may comment on any post, no matter how old, and I will see it.