Thursday, December 13, 2018

September books

September - 3

41. The Murder of a Quack - book 4 in the Thomas Littlejohn series
by George Bellairs
mystery 1943
finished 9/22/18
English writer/English setting

40. The Dead Shall Be Raised aka Murder Will Speak - book 3 in the Thomas Littlejohn series
by George Bellairs
mystery 1942
finished 9/11/18
English writer/English setting

When I discover a new-to-me author, like Mr. Bellairs, I wonder how many others there are that I've never heard of. I am so delighted with almost every one I've read over the past several years. We readers are lucky, lucky that there is so much choice in our world! I am looking forward to both of Martin Edwards' books about some of these gems from the past, The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books and The Golden Age of Murder. I'm sure I will meet many more writers I've never heard of.

39. Fatal Finds in Nuala - book 4 in the Inspector de Silva
by Harriet Steel
mystery 2018
finished 9/3/18
English writer/Sri Lanka setting (Ceylon in the story)

Every book is good in this series, and I've just bought the new one, a Christmas book!

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