Thursday, December 13, 2018

April books

Not many books read in April!

April - 3

19. Trouble in Nuala - book 1 in the Inspector de Silva series
by Harriet Steel
mystery 2016
finished 4/28/18
English writer/Sri Lanka setting (Ceylon in the story)

This is a terrific new series. I love the tender relationship between the Inspector and his wife. The setting is idyllic. The mysteries are interesting. Really just perfect books! Here is a half hour long podcast with the author.

18. The Milliner's Hat Mystery aka The Mystery of the French Milliner - book 7 in the Inspector Richardson series (though he is hardly in this one) by Basil Thomson
mystery 1937
finished 4/24/18
English writer/English setting

17. Who Killed Stella Pomeroy aka Death in the Bathroom - book 6 in the Inspector Richardson series by Basil Thomson
mystery 1936
finished 4/9/18
English writer/English setting

Two more Inspector Richardson books. I just love this series. Only 7 in all, but wonderful.

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