Thursday, December 13, 2018

October books

October was a gem of a reading month. I read and read and read.

October - 9

50. The Book of Stillmeadow
by Gladys Taber
nonfiction 1948
finished 10/28/18 (read monthly over the year)
American writer/American setting

As you know, this was a year long book which I finished in October. Wonderful Gladys.

49. A Front Page Affair - book 1 in the Kitty Weeks Mystery series
by Radha Vatsal
mystery 2016
library book
finished 10/27/18 (another 3 day book)
Indian born writer - lives in the US/American setting

I really liked this book set in the early years of the twentieth century. I didn't think I was a big historical fiction fan, but I was wrong. I've read so many this year, and loved them all. Kitty Weeks writes for a newspaper, and longs to report on the more serious stories, which of course happens! Looking forward to reading the next one.

48. Rogue Lawyer
by John Grisham
fiction 2015
library book
finished 10/24/18 (a three day book)
American writer/American setting

I am a big Grisham fan! I recently went searching on my state's downloadable books site and found lots of his books. I plan of reading them all over time. He tells a good story, the pace is good, the characters are good. What's not to like. Oh, and I like the author. I've heard several interviews, and he just seems like a really nice person. Rogue Lawyer is very good!

47. Even If the Sky Falls Down
by Susan Jackson Bybee
fiction 2015
finished 10/21/18
American writer/South Korea setting

Years ago, I used to read Susan Bybee's blog. I believe she was teaching in South Korea, a place dear to my heart because my children were born there. I had lost track of the blog over time but was aware she had written a book. I finally bought it for my Kindle, and truly enjoyed it. An important part of the book is the history of the older Korean characters who talk about the wartime. These reports are very moving, and give the reader a good sense of that time, and the country itself. Wonderful book. I did find her new-name blog and it is here.

46. The Music Shop: A Novel
by Rachel Joyce
fiction 2017
library book
finished 10/15/18 (another two day book!)
English writer/English setting

Such a wonderful book. I loved it to pieces. It reminds me a tiny bit of Nick Hornby's High Fidelity in the sense of the importance of music. Good people, these characters. I wish I knew them in real life.

45. The Death of Mr Lomas - book 1 in the Inspector Knollis series
bu Francis Vivian
mystery 1941
finished 10/13/18
English writer/English setting

Another new author for me, and I liked this book so much. I've bought the second one, too. Exciting for me to have found lots of new writers this year!

44. The Word is Murder: A Novel - book 1 in the Detective Daniel Hawthorne
by Anthony Horowitz
mystery 2017
library book
finished 10/9/18 (two days!)
English writer/English setting

I just loved this book! I could hardly put it down. A unique and fascinating idea - he is a character in his own novel! I don't want to say anything about the story, except read it!

43. Death in Dark Glasses - book 17 in the Thomas Littlejohn series
by George Bellairs
mystery 1952
finished 10/2/18
English writer/English setting

More Bellairs!! Great book.

42. No More Words 
A Journal of My Mother,
Anne Morrow Lindbergh
by Reeve Lindbergh
nonfiction 2001
finished 10/1/18
American writer/American setting

This is an exceptional book on many levels. It is about the last years of Reeve's mother's, the author Anne Morrow Lindbergh, life. It is frank and honest. She began writing a diary after her mother came to live in a little house built for her on Reeve's farm. She had had a stroke and couldn't live alone or travel back and forth from Connecticut to Vermont anymore. Anne had exceptional caregivers, Buddhists who were compassionate and so very helpful. I wonder if I were in Reeve's position if I would have dared to write some of the things she did- thoughts we all have when a parent dies a lingering, long death. But she did because she knew it would help others who were going through it. That need to have your mother be herself again - caring about you, her child, rather than you having to care for her. Reeve is eloquent in her plain speaking. This is a beautiful book, and if you haven't read it, please do give it a try, and really every book Reeve Lindbergh has written. She is just so, so good.


  1. Thanks so much for your mention of The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce. I searched several libraries until I found a copy. Then, it sat in the stack by the side of my bed for a week or more before I opened the door of the music shop. And now, as I close the door, the silence at the end is interrupted by my sniffles. Absolutely lovely!

    My apologies if this comment has been posted multiple times. I don’t use this Google account very often.

    1. What an absolute treat to read your comment! Thank you so much for taking the time to not only read an old post, but to write as well. It was not published before. I moderate the comments. I so love what you wrote. Thanks again.


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