Wednesday, December 12, 2018

March books

As with the February books, I copied and pasted the information from my book list which is why the color is red, and why the first one of the month is at the end of the post.

March - 4

16. The Dartmoor Enigma aka Richardson Solves a Dartmoor Mystery - book 5 in the Inspector Richardson series
by Basil Thomson
mystery 1935
finished 3/29/18
English writer/English setting

15. The Case of the Dead Diplomat aka Richardson Goes Abroad - book 4 in the Inspector Richardson series
by Basil Thomson
mystery 1935
finished 3/17/18
English writer/English setting

I do love these Inspector Richardson books by Basil Thomson. You may read more about the author here. Fascinating life story, and such good books. I love every one I read, and expect at some point to go through them again. He is one of the best mystery writers I've read, and I only heard about him recently.

14. The Diary of Two Nobodies
by Giles Wood and Mary Killen
Illustrations by Giles Wood
nonfiction 2017
finished 3/14/18
English writers (Mary born in Northern Ireland)/English setting

There is nobody like this couple. I read Giles' column each month in The Oldie magazine. He has very strong opinions which often differ from his wife Mary's. I wish I'd written about this book when I first read it so I could take time to quote passages. For now, I will say I found it to be simply delightful. You might have to be English, or a hopeless Anglophile as I am to love it as I did.

13. Murder on the Bus - book 4 in the Inspector Cuthbert Higgins series
by Cecil Freeman Gregg
mystery 1930
finished 3/3/18
English writer/English setting

I so enjoyed this book, and plan to read more in the series. I find this time period  of English mysteries to be very soothing. Perfect for bedtime reading, or if I happen to wake up during the night.

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