Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 book facts

As I've said before, I can't imagine anyone really caring about these geeky little book facts, but I enjoy them (too much?!).

In 2018, I read 67 books.


Mysteries - 36
Fiction - 16
Crime Fiction - 3
Nonfiction graphic novel - 1
Nonfiction - 9
Young adult fiction - 1
Fiction and nonfiction collection - 1

Kindle - 51
Print - 16

Gender of author:

By men - 30
By women - 34
By both - 3

Publication dates: 

1930s - 8
1940s - 6
1950s - 3
1960s - 4
1970s - 4
1980s - 5
1990s - 1
2000-2010 - 1
2011-2019 - 35

Rereads - 13

Library books (all on Kindle) - 10

Birthplace of authors:

US - 31
England - 28
Australia - 1
Iceland - 2
Republic of Ireland - 2
Scotland - 2
India - 1


  1. Oh gosh, Nan, you're not going to believe this. I think we missed each other's totals last year for the first time but not to worry we're back on track again in 2018... I too read 67 books. This is getting scary. LOL

    1. I thought of you as I finished my 67th book this morning! I said to myself, "I wonder if Cath read 67?"

    2. And I too finished my 67th. yesterday... evening in fact and thought, 'I wonder how many Nan read this year?' Hilarious.

  2. I am always intrigued by your stats. I think to myself "self, you should do this". Heck I can't even keep track of the books I read let alone all the other stats. Keep up the good work. Maybe one year I will achieve such records.

    1. I think the other way to look at it is "my friend Nan is a nerdy geek" hahaha

  3. I love everybody's stats. Haven't figured mine out yet. I didn't really keep track of quite as many things as I did in the past. I did note the first and last sentence of each book. Not sure why, but I like doing it. Helps me remember more about the book somehow. I'll calculate mine up and share them when I get that 'top 10' post written. Soon...

    1. I had given up some stats, but found I missed them so I brought them back and added some more! That's a neat trick about the sentences. I didn't do any top tens. In one of those marathon book posts I did, I noted a tie for my fave fiction, and my one fave nonfiction. (I don't want to ever do that particular marathon again!)

  4. I can never get enough of book stats! And it's hilarious how in sync you and Cath are :D

    1. It really is! Once in a while we are off, but many years we've been just the same.

  5. I like bookish stats too. :-) Your gender ratio is much more even than mine. I skewed way in the female direction. Here's to a fantastic 2019!

    1. I think I know the reason. I read a lot of old mysteries, most of which were written by men. Hey, that's a new stat! I could do decade genders. Thanks for the idea, I think! ;<))

  6. I have always loved reading the end of the year stats and Top Ten lists! You sure get a lot of use out of your Kindle, don't you? And are you reading more current books than you used to? I'm impressed with the amount of books you re-read this year. I'm starting to read more from my old favorites and it's been a lot of fun, for the most part.


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