Thursday, May 20, 2010

Saturday Sally on a Thursday

Sally: a brief journey; an excursion or trip.

I haven't been posting this wonderful picture very much lately. I've decided today that though the name will remain the same, I will 'sally forth' on other days of the week as well because usually on Saturdays I'm doing the new Farm and Garden Weekly. Here is the original Saturday Sally post which explains what this is all about. The Saturday Sally postings by year are listed on the sidebar under Letter Topics.

My internet friend Joanne has started a very special blog called Seasonal Hearth. Each post is interesting and accompanied by excellent photographs.

Barbara's blog is her own diary from fifty years ago! It is called Mid-Prairie HS and Park College 1960-1965.

The third visit this week (I only do three at a time) is the author Dominique Browning's blog called Slow Love Life. I have loved her books, Around The House And In The Garden (2002), Paths of Desire (2004), and now am halfway through and so enjoying her new one called Slow Love. She is thoughtful and funny and warm-hearted and very honest.

So, that's it for this day's sally. Hope you have fun on your visits.


  1. Great idea. I love finding new blogs to visit and these sound really interesting. And, your header photo is so wonderful. I love those old American chairs. My nana and papa had them at their house at the shore.

  2. I'm so glad you like it, Hip Chick. And I love the chairs too. We painted ours last summer, and I'm so fond of the colors.

  3. Thank you for the link to Dominique Browning's blog, Nan. I had Slow Love on my book radar but kept putting it off because in my own "imposed leisure" state of mind I thought I couldn't handle reading someone else's woe-is-me tale. I see now that Slow Love is much more than that. It's at the top of the list for tomorrow's library/book store trip!

  4. Nan -- What a good idea to post interesting and new blogs for your readers to visit. I just finished ordering Dominique Browning's "Slow Love" and am hoping it is as good as her previous books. Thanks!

  5. Marcia, I am quite sure you will love it!

    Carol, it is! I've never read an author like her. She is so open, so kind.

  6. Nan,
    Thanks for those very kind and generous comments and for your encouragement toward my blogging adventure!
    You continue to be my inspiration!
    I would probably love the book you recommended and will have a look for it in my library system.
    Love, love, love your header again....misty and magical!
    Thanks again,

  7. Joanne, I love that 'misty and magical' - I hope lots of people go over to visit your beautiful blog. And I'm quite sure you will like Dominique B.'s writing. You might want to read them in order because her life does change over the course of the books. Not absolutely necessary but you'll have a better sense of the woman in the new book if you've read the others.


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