Saturday, December 22, 2007

Today's picture/Alternative use for a treadmill


  1. LOL! I just have to laugh! Cats do find the oddest places to curl up don't they? Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  2. Your cat looks like it is saying "I am not pleased" with something. Beautiful animal.

  3. How cute! We have a 20 pound beautiful Main Coon kitty. He likes to climb on me when I am reading. I have a cute picture of him I will try to post. :)

  4. They might be good for taking a nap, too, if you just put down a few pillows and a comforter. Hey, add a few books, and you've got the perfect reading spot (as long as no one turns it on). Exercise equals anathama to me, unless it's for a purpose like a beautiful walk.

  5. Raya has always been fascinated by the treadmill. There's another picture of her on it here:

    Even when it is going she's interested. Brittanie, we are quite sure she is a Coon cat. She not only looks like one, but also shares a couple characteristics we've read about, like a love of water, and a "companionable" nature. She isn't a big one for laps but loves to sit nearby and keep us company.

    Bellezza, I am happy on the tmill as long as there is something good to listen to. Right now, I spend the time listening to Stuart McLean podcasts of the Vinyl Cafe and the time flies by.

  6. Sorry the address on Raya didn't come through. In case you really wanted to see her, :<) here it is again.


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