Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mrs Bale reports

Mrs Bale reluctantly reports that it is raining and dreary. It is 33º but feels like 28º, with winds from the west at 5 mph. Humidity is 92% and visibility is 6 miles.

And so, with the darkness outside and many lights on inside, I've decided to take down the tree and the house decorations. It just feels like a day to clean up, to organize, to make the house "spare" again after the abundance of Christmas beauty - "to everything there is a season."


  1. I have made note and even ordered some of the Christmas books you have mentioned here and am looking forward to getting them!

  2. We only just celebrated Christmas this morning, so it's a tad too early to take the tree and decorations down, although I'll be ready by New Year's Day! I prefer a "spare" room over all the clutter that comes during the holidays.

  3. I love the cleaning-up-after-Christmas feeling maybe even more thant the getting-ready-for Christmas feeling, but my eight year old son has politely requested that I leave the tree up a little longer this year. How do I turn that down? I sometimes follow the tradition of taking it down on the Epiphany, but usually can't wait that long. We'll see! I love the closet - especially its proximity to the living room where the tree is displayed! Just perfect!

  4. no shipping weather : ) I love Mrs Bale, so matter of fact and pricise. "Dinner in 3 1/2 minutes"

  5. I saw Mrs. Bale and the wedding episode of Lionel's father last night. Great fun.

  6. It is nice that Mrs Bale reports your unpleasnteries. I need a Mrs Bale. tee hee...

  7. Thank you, abiding, for stopping by, and for your nice words.
    Les, I was thinking recently of Christmas as a vacation, a change from the rest of the year, that makes going back to "normal" more fun. And I feel inspired and energized just as I do after a vacation. We've changed a bunch of things around, and I'm tickled.
    Oh, Aisling, that is so precious. I think I'd happily exchange taking the tree down early for a little one in the house. :<)
    Patty, I love that precision, too! You may know that I have the whole set, and just enjoy it so much. I take pictures whenever she is on screen to have new views to put on the blog. :<)
    Jar, I love that episode.
    Lisa, she is just such a fun character. My daughter stopped by and said "who's that old lady on your blog?" :<)


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