Thursday, December 6, 2007

Today's Christmas cd/Marshmallow World & Other Holiday Favorites

Lucky Laura got to see Raul Malo this fall! Oh, what a voice he has. This cd is hot off the presses for the 2007 Christmas season, and it is wonderful. At times, you might swear he was channeling Dean Martin as he sings Marshmallow World, or Elvis when he belts out Santa Claus is Back in Town, and he sounds a bit like Bing when he sings White Christmas, but then you realize he has made these songs his own and you may forget all about those other fellows. I just love this album, and I'm smiling at eight o'clock in the morning as he is singing in the kitchen. You've still got a lot of December left, so I'd say go buy it! And there is a video to tempt you even more. This may be the best ten dollars you'll spend this Christmas!


  1. I watched the video and he's wonderful! Very tempting..

  2. Nan your banner is beautiful! There is almost nothing like beautiful Christmas music sung by a most lovely voice! Enjoy!

    Merry Christmas to you.


  3. Ahhh...the joy of adding Raul Malo and Bachelor Brother's to my Amazon shopping cart! Can't wait to open my mailbox to find the latest delivery of Nan-recommended goodies!

  4. Nan, Can you believe that I have not listened to this yet!! I will listen to it tomorrow at work for sure!!

    Can I tell you something else??? Raul Malo's voice is 100 times better in person! Which is hard to believe because he is so good on his records....but his voice made me cry when I saw him in person. It was amazing!!! Why is he not more famous and popular? Such a talent!

  5. Tara, do you think you'll buy it? He has a couple other albums too. What a voice!

    Thanks, Beverly for stopping by. You are such a busy girl these days with your new shop.

    Alison, I'm just so flattered and warmed that you buy stuff on my recommendation. It makes me smile. Let me know how you like them, okay? (even if you don't!)

    Laura, I can see how he would make you cry. His voice is what I call "achingly beautiful." Again, you are so lucky to have seen him!

  6. Nan,
    Again you have recommended another relatively unknown singer I adore. I agree with you on wondering why he isn't more well known, especially when the Mavericks were relatively successful. I look forward to your music recommendations as much as I do your books.

  7. Thanks, Beachreader. I was just so thrilled to find out he had made a Christmas album.


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