Sunday, December 16, 2007


There is a genius amongst us! Just in case you haven't read the comments on the post about the blog header problem, Margaret over at BooksPlease came up with the solution. She gave me permission to post her comment as a blog entry, so here you go:

Nan, if you go to Template and edit Header, then choose the setting under placement that says "Instead of title and description" this puts all the photo in the header. It removes the blog title though, so I added it to my photo (in Photodraw)before adding it to the header. I hope this makes sense - it worked for me.

Me, again. I didn't bother with the photodraw or photoshop thing. I decided I liked the picture just fine without the name on it, and instead put a little picture on the sidebar with the blog name. So, thank you so much, Margaret, and I hope everyone who has had trouble will have the same success.


  1. Glad it worked for you. I read what she said in your comments and tried it. It did not work for me.

    Well, I tried to use a diff pic, but... Anyway, it squashed what I used. :-(

    I am ... something un-lady-like to say. That's what I am. At the fact that those who can Photo Shop, can get around this Blogger thing. Grrrr... Bahhh humbug... And all those things. -pout- lol


  2. Oh that's a nice solution! Thanks for posting the information. (I just followed you from Smilnsigh.)

  3. Great to see you back with the
    photo at the top! Always picks
    me up no matter what kind of day
    I'm having.

    Got the Elisabeth Von Trapp
    CD but it's going in a stocking
    so I have to wait to hear it!
    Thanks again for the wonderful


  4. I like your new header. I have not personalized my blog much due to all the quirks of Blogger. I am not very computer savy and have difficulty with most everything. I feel lucky to get my pictures posted. I don't think Blogger Helper is very helpful. Oh well...


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