Sunday, December 9, 2007

Today's Christmas cd/Christmas Song

You probably wonder, is she one of the von Trapps, the family immortalized in The Sound Of Music? Yes, she is. Elisabeth is Maria's granddaughter. This cd just arrived in the mail yesterday, and it may be the most "essential" of all my Christmas albums, because the Holy Birth is really the center of the music; not sleigh rides or snowfalls or romantic love. We hear her angelic voice singing a wide range of songs, from a 7th Century Gregorian Chant to a 16th Century French Folk song. She also includes the famous, Edelweiss, and makes it sound like a hymn. It is all beautiful, as it is unique. Her instrument is the guitar which in itself adds a quality not often heard in holiday music. Happily, there are samples of the songs to help you decide if you'd like to own this exquisite music. I thought you might enjoy seeing the photograph on the album insert. The girl holding the doll is Elisabeth in 1958.


  1. Thank YOU for the recommendation!
    We heard the Von Trapp Singers
    a few years ago. I don't think she is one of them. The Singers are Curt's grandchildren. Need to look up Elizabeth!


  2. I want this album!! Thank you so much for making me aware it even exists.

  3. I just bought THREE from one for my parents, my aunt, and of course, ourselves. I'm so glad you shared this album with us!

  4. Bonnie and Bellezza, I am really pleased that you are buying the album, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. As we listened all day yesterday, one or the other of us kept remarking on the loveliness of the music, the songs, and her voice.


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