Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Music

On the first day of December, the musical spotlight in our house turns to Christmas music. Though I do alphabetize all my other cds, I don't put the Christmas ones in any order. I enjoy just looking through and being surprised and taken by a title. But on December 1st, always, always I play George Winston's December. You may read more from my last year's blog entry on this date.

One of the benefits of having a blog for me personally is being able to go back and see what I played last year. Because I have fifty-nine Christmas cds, including five new ones this year, I can't play them all in one month's time unless I put on more than one a day. But I don't like to do that. When I play a cd, I put the Bose on repeat disc, and that same music plays all day long. I hear it wherever I am in the house, whatever I am doing, and I love that. So, if you stop by, you'll see a different album featured each day, and mostly different from last year's offerings, though I can't promise. There are a few I simply must hear during this wonderful month. If you are a new reader since last December, and would like to see last year's selections, please go to the sidebar, "if you're looking for something specific" and click on Today's Christmas cd.


  1. One of my favorite Christmas CDs is a mass called Misa Criolla. It's Spanish, and so, so lovely...
    I'm looking forward to more suggestions from you this month.

    Please consider joining my Japanese Literature Challenge. The details came be found at:

    I'd love to talk more books with you!

  2. Can't wait to see all of your selections!!!! What fun!!!

  3. Good for you for holding off until December 1st. I was hearing Christmas music before Thanksgiving! Kind of throws you into a time continuum loop if you ask me.

  4. Love your new picture. I love Christmas music as well though I do not have as many CD's of it as you do. I'll be checking back to see what you are playing.

  5. Bellezza, I'll look into Misa Criolla. Just the name is beautiful. I'd love to join your challenge but I just can't right now. I'm reading a book, and a Christmas book, and have one on order from the library. Another time, hopefully, but thank you for asking.
    Laura, it is fun! And something I look forward to each day.
    Katie, I just can't decorate or listen to Christmas music until December.
    Thanks, Kay. I love the Advent wreath. Tomorrow we light the first candle. I'd love to know what you have for Christmas cds.

  6. I love the Santa's !!!! Have a beautiful night. Mary

  7. Hi Nan, We have George Winston's December too. I love all his music. My favorite Christmas CD is A Charlie Brown Christmas by Vince Guaraldi Trio. That's because my daughter learned to play every song on it and each year our house was filled with her music. Now that she's off to college, I really miss it.

  8. I don't really have all that many but I ordered some more this evening. I ordered the new Josh Groban one. Think it will be good. I am listening to one called "A Christmas Story" by a Christian group called Point of Grace. It has several songs that I just love.

  9. "December" is one of my very favorite seasonal CDs, too. Do you have any of the Winter Solstice series from Windham Hill?

  10. Thanks for considering the challenge all the same, Nan. By the way, I ADORE your Advent wreath at the top of your blog. It's one of my most favorite Christmas symbols, and not many use it anymore. We still open a door on a paper Advent calendar every day, that's how much of a child I am at 47. :)

  11. What a lovely way to listen to your Christmas CDs! I don't have very many but I also enjoy letting them play over and over...

  12. Thanks Mary Isabella!

    Oh, Patrice, I so understand. My girl danced to one of the songs years ago in the recital. It makes me ache a little whenever I hear it.

    Kay, I keep reading Josh Groban's name but don't know anything about him. I'll go find out more about his music.

    Jeanne, I don't, but should.

    Bellezza, thank you. It means so much to me that you said that. And we have a paper calendar too, and we're older than 47. :<)

    Tara, there's just something about hearing the songs all the day long which I love.


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