Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Corner

Plastic, yes.
Tacky, maybe.
Old, 50+.
Loved, very much.


  1. Love the snowman, Nan. I like your love of all things homely and Christmas. I tried making your bullet brownie recipe. I was confused if I should take the brownies out of the oven when they are still a bit gooey, after 25 mins, or when you test with a knife and the knife comes away clean. Please let me know when I should take the brownies out of the oven. Also, they are so rich, and for cakes and muffins I usually use half the sugar and butter, or less sugar. I never usually make brownies. Do you have a less rich recipe, or are brownies always such high calorie sweets? Happy Christmas, Rachel xx

  2. You just don't see snowmen with cheeks like that anymore! What a jolly fellow.

  3. Oh, the old beloved ones are the best! Thanks for the comment on my advent calendar... I made it myself at the last minute for my boyfriend. It has his favourite chocolates, one for each day... He liked it! It's cut out of old Christmas cards - at last I found a use for them.

  4. Hey Nan!

    I really love all of the time-worn Christmas decorations from when I was a child. My mom has been kind enough to pass some along to me each year as I now have my own family and house.

    But I am a purist I suppose. I just can't stand those huge new inflatable snow globe lawn ornaments people put out! Ugh!

  5. The old and loved very much, completely tips the scales. He is marvelous!


  6. Rachel, I have heard you should take them out just a bit before they are done because they continue cooking in the pan. All the sweets I make are full of butter and sugar.:<) Thank you for writing.

    Alison, not cheeks like that or the stogie! It wouldn't do for the kiddies to see Frosty smoking. :<)

    Well, Evaberry, you sure did a beautiful job!

    Katie, that's great you have some of your childhood ornaments. It's funny how the older you get, and the longer you have an ornament, that even cheesy warms your heart. There are children now falling in love with the inflatables who will love them fondly someday. :<)

    You're right, Mari-Nanci!

  7. He's wonderful. Love the tacky-or-not stuff that makes its appearance every year.

    I spent one Christmas in Hawaii and loved seeing a plastic snowman someone had on their front lawn underneath a palm tree.

  8. Nan,
    Tacky describes a lot of decorations in my house this time of year. I have plastic reindeer and snowmen and Noel spelled out on the cars of a made in Japan train, split between salt and pepper and in Santa cups. I love my tacky Christmas


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