Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Christmas Meme

tagged me for this meme:

What is your most enduring Christmas memory?
Christmas Eve church service when the only light came from candles, and we sang Silent Night on our knees.

Do you have a favourite piece of Christmas music?
In The Bleak Midwinter, and The Sussex Mummer's Carol.

Do you stick to the old family traditions?
Pretty much so. I write Christmas cards as my mother did, with newsy notes inside. I use the big Christmas tree lights of my childhood. Some of the tree decorations date from when I was a child. On Christmas morning, we open stockings, eat breakfast, and open presents in that order.

What makes your mouth water at Christmas time?
Christmas cookies made with my mother's recipe.

How soon do you put the Christmas tree up and when do you take it down?
It is usually put up about two weeks before Christmas Day, and taken down December 30 or 31.

I have tagged the men on my bloglist, and the newest additions:

John, John, Rick, Simon, Becca & Bella, Bonnie, Colleen, and Dolce Bellezza.


  1. Nan ... such wonderful answers to the meme questions. I am afraid that mine will be very similar to yours! I will certainly respond on my blog within the next few days. Thank you for asking me. (the cd in your most recent post sounds marvellous ... I used to take lessons on the celtic harp and may do so again).

  2. The silent night memory sounds beautiful. My meme is here.

  3. I love being tagged for memes, thank you! I'll post it this week, maybe even tonight if I get caught up on my grading.

  4. ☆ I love hearing of the similarities and unfamiliarities in how we experience Christmas. I'd love to do this wee meme.
    Thank you, Nan! ☆

  5. Thanks to all of you. I'll enjoy reading your replies. They were such good questions.


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