Monday, December 31, 2007

Book Lists

On this New Year's Eve afternoon, as others planned their outfits for a special evening, or prepared food for a party, I was a book geek, excited about going through my 2007 book list, and putting it into categories.

It has been a different year for me in terms of keeping track of my books. I've used this blog instead of my print journal. I think what I want to do in the coming year is to first write in the journal, and then come to the blog and write a review. I also want to jot down more details, such as the narrator of the audiobook, and the year the book was published. I've spent a fair bit of time today looking up publication dates for my records. See, I told you I was a geek.

So here are my results.

I read 87 books in all, which averages out to about 7 books a month.
49 of the books were on audio, and 38 were print editions.
I read 58 books by women, and 29 by men.

fiction, 26
nonfiction, 25
mystery, 20
children's picture books, 3
juvenile fiction, 6
ya fiction, 6
ya mystery, 1

Publication Dates:
2000s, 35
1990s, 25
1980s, 7
1970s, 5
1960s, 1
1950s, 3
1940s, 4
1930s, 1
1920s, 2
1870s, 4


  1. Nan~Our New Year's Eve afternoons were very similar except that I gave up trying to categorize everything and just enjoyed losing myself in the thoughts and words I had enjoyed during 2007. Jottings in my written journal, notes on purple index cards tucked here and there, carefully written/rewritten thoughts in computer files--I'll never get it all organized...and probably won't even try.

    I'd like to keep track of epigraphs and dedications in the coming year. Other than that, I'll just continue in my own haphazard way.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. I'm a geek, too. I sat on the couch last night, flipping through my reading journal, making notes for my year-end post. It's fun to look back on the year, remembering some of those books that weren't so memorable, yet worth reading.

    Here's to another year of great reading!

  3. Marcia, next December should be easier. I've already begun listing pub. dates, genres, etc. so the count won't take so long. And I, too, read dedications. I know a lot of people skip right over them, but I so love knowing who is important to the author.
    Les, it is fun to look back. Sometimes I am surprised to see it was almost a year ago I read something. And I'm constantly surprised when I see so many books from the 2000s. I think of myself as reading older books more than I really do.


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