Monday, January 7, 2008

Today's poem - A Way to a Happy New Year by Robert Brewster Beattie

A Way to a Happy New Year
by Robert B. Beattie

To leave the old with a burst of song;
To recall the right and forgive the wrong;
To forget the things that bind you fast
to the vain regrets of the year that’s past;

To have the strength to let go your hold
of the not worthwhile of the days grown old:
To dare go forth with a purpose true,
To the unknown task of the year that’s new;

To help your brother/sister along the road,
to do his work and lift his load;
To add your gift to the world’s good cheer,
is to have and to give a Happy New Year.


  1. Oh Nan, this is indeed wonderful. I'm going to print it out and post it on our refrigerator as a reminder. Thank you for posting it!

    I wish you all the best in this new year! :-)

  2. And I thank you for such a nice comment. I think those words are just great. And same to you!

  3. What lovely words, ones I shall not forget for a long time! I was wondering what to write in a New Year's card to a friend and you have supplied the answer! Many thanks.

  4. Anonymous, I cannot imagine how you ever found this posting, but I am so very glad you did. I love those words, and am happy you do as well. Thanks for taking the time to leave a note for me.


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