Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Garden Notes/Sedum

Look into S. Matrona, Bertram Anderson, and Iceberg sedums all mentioned in Dear Friend & Gardener.

Please feel free to leave a comment on the Garden Notes posts if you have opinions on any of the plants mentioned.


  1. I used to have a huge garden - flowers and vegetables - but now have only room for flowers. I miss my old gardens so much. Dreaming about how and what to plant brought so much joy to my winter months. I will enjoy hearing about yours.

  2. Becca, what flowers do you grow? Annuals, perennials, both? This year we tucked a tomato plant in a flower garden, among daylilies and it did great. And we've had some success with cherry tomatoes and herbs and lettuce in pots.

  3. Nan, are you aware that you can buy heirloom seeds from Thomas Jefferson's gardens on the Monticello web site?

  4. Silphium, thank you for the reminder! Laura Simon talks about this resource in Dear Mr. Jefferson, but I've never looked into it. I will soon. Thanks again so much.


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