Monday, July 13, 2009

Two Sunday Strolls/July 12

You may visit Aisling's blog to see who else did some strolling yesterday.

The first Sunday Stroll actually took place on Saturday evening, and indeed takes place every day the weather is good. In the morning the animals make a trek from their home pasture, the south pasture where the barn is, across the road to the north pasture. In the evening they come back; they like to be in the barn at night. This Sunday Stroll was Tom's idea, and they are his photos.

Lining up at the north pasture gate 5 pm Saturday
Coming through
Stopping for a snack
Heading across the road (not a main road; essentially 'ours' though the town maintains it)
Stopping for a snack on the other side before heading into the south pasture
On the way to their barn

The second Sunday Stroll is also a 'further afield' entry (other f.a. posts on the sidebar under letter topics). We traveled to New London, New Hampshire to stroll among the gnus.

gnu |n(y)oō|
a large dark antelope with a long head, a beard and mane, and a sloping back. Also called wildebeest . • Genus Connochaetes, familyBovidae: two species, in particular the abundant brindled gnu or blue wildebeest ( C. taurinus).
ORIGIN late 18th cent.: from Khoikhoi and San, perhaps imitative of the sound made by the animal when alarmed.

Please do read the link to find out what this is all about. These works of art are beautiful and creatively named. They are all along the streets of this lovely town. Here are a few examples of the over twenty gnus we visited. I've put the sign first and then the gnu.

Yes, THE Tomie de Paola!


  1. Something very similar was done here in Nassau County Long Island with over 50 horse sculptures created out of painted fiberglass. They were eventually auctioned off as a fund raiser.

    Found an article on it here:

    They are really incredible and no doubt you were no less impressed with the "gnu-er" version! :)

    - J.

  2. What a fun post. Love the pictures of the aniamals switching pastures. They prove that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. tee hee...

    The artful gnus are great. I really like the 'tatoo' one. It looks like a big zentangle.

  3. Oh my! I loved the first stroll... It is like the geese who were on my little country lane, following the road to meet the other geese rather than going cross-country. So fun!

    And then the Gnus! Who knew gnus could be so wonderful? I love them all and couldn't pick a favorite, though the "peace" gnu and the "tattoo" gnu sort of jumped out at me.

    I'm so glad you posted these!

  4. What a lovely post. I love seeing your dear animals on their daily journey, they look so contented. It's like a lovely children's story.
    The gnus are wonderful,do the people make them to the same template? Must be great fun to decorate them. The imagination boggles.


  5. The pasture stroll was awesome. I'd love to see your friends. It looks like such a beautiful and peaceful place. I couldn't help but think of the 23rd Psalm as I viewed the photos.

  6. Oh how fun! I'd read about and seen a video on Tomie's Blog about his gnu. How lucky to be close enough to see the whole herd!

  7. I just came across your blog and enjoyed looking at all the photos. Your cats are precious.

  8. Good gnus. Great post. Over the years we have seen artful pigs and cows, but never a gnu. What fun! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Jeff, I'll go check it out, oh witty fellow!

    Lisa, often our farm animals have illustrated those very words. The goats love the grass right on the opposite side of wherever they are. There are so many old sayings that come from farm life. And if you click on the 'tattoo gnu' sign you'll see they are zentangles! I was amazed you had heard of them; I never had till I read it.

    Aisling, I love what you wrote. You may like to see a photographic blog entry about this very thing:

    I wish I could have included all the gnus. They are just amazing. Maybe I'll post some more occasionally.

    They are happy creatures, Carole. Good models for living. The gnus are fiberglass models that are painted by different artists. They are all the same size and shape but oh, so different.

    Auntie Maine, that's a beautiful comparison. And they all live peaceably together.

    Robin, I'll have to go see it. I thought it perfect that his was in front of the bookstore.

    Diane, thanks for stopping in and commenting. I just read your blog name on someone else's blog. I think the person won a book you offered? I'll be over to visit.

    Commonweeder, very witty! That is what I loved equally with the art - those clever names. Who gnu? :<)

  10. Well, that was a Gnew idea for a posting!

  11. My favorite is the Peace Gnu! We did something similar in Lincoln, only with a variety of artsy bikes. I have a poster showing all of them. Great creativity!

  12. Thanks Mr Witty Scriptor S.!

    Les, the thing I love so much is the combination of art and creative words. Not all of them had a 'gnu' in the titles, but a fair amount did. And of course just the fact of the name of the town is New London. It's all just brilliant.

  13. Nan -
    We've never met, but I organized the Gnus of Gnu London and just "googled" to see if there was anything gnew. Thank you so much for your kind words. It was a tough go to get sponsorship in this difficult time, but 27 gnus was an amazing example of just how amazing and committed a town Gnu London is. I hope it brings lots of foot traffic to the local businesses (we have a "Stampede" where you can collect stamps at the businesses) and I hope they go for big bucks in the fall so we can get our arts and culture center! And whoever said "Tattoo Gnu" looks like is! Best to you and everyone.
    Bridget LeRoy

  14. Bridget, I'm delighted you found the blog entry! This project is one of the most ingenious things I've ever heard of. Congratulations on a brilliant and wonderful job!

  15. Oh, one more thing....if people want to see them, they can go to the website, and there is a walking map to download. Thanks again for taking an interest in the gnus!
    Bridget LeRoy

  16. Bridget, there's a link at the beginning of the post that readers may click on. Again, I congratulate you and everyone on a brilliant endeavor.


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