Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lily of the day/July 12

Years ago I ordered a 'pink collection' from White Flower Farm, and this beauty was one of them.


  1. Very Pretty ... I'll have to go check out their site ..

  2. My daughter Beth sent me your blog address. I raise daylilies in Sumner, Maine and mine are not blooming yet. As soon as they start I will be putting photos on my blog as well. I have 60 seedlings I grew from seeds. They bloomed last year for the first time. I enjoy hybridizing and will be talking about them on my blog. There are pictures of my gardens there as well.

  3. JC, you'll love it, but have the cred.card ready :<)

    Thanks so much for stopping by Auntie Maine (this must be the cleverest blog title around!). Only my orange ones are really in bloom now. Everywhere I look is orange, orange. So beautiful. My others are just beginning to open. I'll be over to read your blog - I dearly love daylilies.

  4. Nan
    I read your previous post about all the reading you've been doing from your own library without purchasing or library visiting.
    I have to admit being a tad jealous of that.
    I've been in a reading slump, partly attributed to our move here last year and having to go through each box of books. I gave so many away, as space didn't allow to keep them in this home.
    But now I don't want to buy books, but my local library doesn't seem to carry the books I like to read.
    So I need to source out a way to get books and buy the ones I want, but then I'm back to reading them too fast and no space to store! But bravo to you that you disciplined yourself to shop /read at home!

  5. Mim, what about the inter library loan program? Does your library offer it? I've gotten many, many books over the years through it. And it is free. It seems like a miracle to me, but other than from another country, there hasn't been any charge. I think there is a paperback swap program - wait, I'll go look...

    I've never used it so I can't vouch for it.

  6. Thanks, Sherri, I do love daylilies!

  7. We have several local daylily farms (and I like shopping locally) offering hundreds of daylilies. I just acquired 2 pinks and am planning a whole new daylily area. Daylilies are such wonderful plants, beautiful and hardy.

  8. Commonweeder, they are such great plants. And I love them because they thrive on this cold, windy hill.


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