Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Stroll/July 26

My Sunday Stroll is a bird's-eye view looking out the upstairs windows. Tom followed me around, removing screens and putting them back on again after I took the photos.

I began at the east windows, moved to the south, and then crossed the hall to the north windows. There is no west view because we have no upstairs west windows. It was a bit overcast (it is bright and sunny now!) and the pictures aren't all that great, but I wanted to give you an idea of where the house sits on the land.

You may visit Aisling and see the other strollers this Sunday.

looking east - the side lawn and vegetable garden. everything is growing beautifully - what a year! beyond the woodpile you may see part of the tractor - from there the road goes up into our woods about .2 mile
to the left of the garden; honeysuckle, rhubarb, lilacs, rosa rugosa, globe thistle, milkweed
to the right of the garden facing south; honeysuckle, William Baffin rose, daylilies - area between honeysuckle and daylilies has yet to be planted. maybe cosmos next year? we plan to get rid of the sidewalk stones, too. the grass has taken over!
front of the house; daylilies and phlox, patio, start of terrace - another area to be planted between gone-by baptisia australis and daylilies. there is some spiderwort hidden in there
terrace and front lawn
daylilies along terrace (need to cut back the aquilegia!)
front lawn with old, old maple, crabapple, and plum trees - the road here goes down to the main road and the mailbox about .1 mile
tubs of torenia and verbena (and ever present splitting maul)
looking toward the west - lilacs (there is a sidewalk between the short light purple and the taller dark purple) and elephant ears or dutchman's pipe - the leaning tree is an ancient Duchess apple
out the north windows, looking toward west - the north pasture
raspberry patch
out the north windows, looking east - rhubarb, lupines, and the rosa rugosa in second photo
porch which faces west, standing on terrace looking north
porch looking south


  1. Have I ever mentioned that where you live looks like my idea of heaven on earth?

  2. What a terrific tour! How pleasant it must be to be inside that home, surrounded by wonderful gardens. And then, how lovely to step outdoors and linger in those gardens! Your veggie garden is thriving beautifully. We are having a terrible garden year here! Things are alive, but progressing slowly. We haven't had a tomato yet and our corn is so short still that I doubt there will enough "season" left to bring them to maturity. But, every year is a little bit different, and doesn't dissuade us from our pleasure in having a vegetable garden!

  3. What a spacious lot you have, Nan. Ours is just 6600 sq feet, which is larger than most lots for sale on Oahu now a days, but is a mere postage stamp compared to yours.

    I wish I had the will and energy to garden. Our back yard looks like hell.

  4. Pamela, I wish you could see the dogs run in those fields, and Daisy, the donkey, too, followed by 'her' flock of sheep and two goats. :<)

    Oh, Colleen, what a nice, nice thing to say. It is wonderful, and we appreciate it.

    Aisling, no tomatoes here either, though we just have one plant. It comes from Tom's colleague every year. I just get them at the Farmers' Market. Other than that, though, everything is growing great. Every year is indeed different. I'm hoping this will be our 'too much zucchini' year since I never have enough!

    Gigi, it is spacious, but not really a lot. We are out in the country on 250 acres, mostly woods with some in pasture. Have you thought of container gardening? I haven't done a lot of it, but I know people grow lettuce and tomatoes and peppers and herbs in pots with great success, and I would imagine living in paradise your weather would offer a long growing season. Also, this new raised beds thing we're doing is MUCH less work. Easy to tend, weed, etc.

  5. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the vicarious Sunday stroll:)

  6. Thank you so much, Book Psmith.

  7. Great photos of your vistas, thanks for sharing. An indoor stroll of outside views--fantastic!

  8. Each shot is breath-taking! Such a lovely time of year, in a beautiful part of the country! Thanks for the tour.

  9. Hi Nan: Thanks for showing us your beautiful gardens and wonderful view. You are so very lucky to have such a wonderful big porch. The town where I live, was once known as the town where every house had a front porch. When we decided to move here, I was determined to find a house with a lovely big porch. However, as it turned out the house we found does have a porch, but a very tiny cement square which was not at all like the one of my dreams, which looked much like your porch. The only saving grace we do have a back porch that looks out over the river, so I guess I shouldn't complain. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.

  10. Thank Tom for the assistance in taking the picutres. It truly was an enjoyable tour. All of that room to spread out. Heavenly. I really like the way your raised beds look from that advantage. Almost like a Knot Garden which would look terrific from one of these view points.

  11. I absolutely love your yard and property!!!

  12. Nan, what a wonderful place to live- and all those animals as well. Thanks for the lovely tour.

  13. Oh, how I love your porch!

  14. So lovely! And all the better for the seasonal changes (which we hardly get in Florida--boring!). Those views must be fantatstic in fall and winter as well.

  15. What an incredibly beautiful home you have. Such wonderful views and land to explore! As a Londoner living in a flat with no garden I am very jealous indeed.

    I am also coveting your porch right now. Nothing conjures up America to me more than a rocking chair on a porch. I wish English houses had them; I love nothing more than sitting and watching the world go by, but I have to do it from behind a window, unfortunately!

  16. What lovely views--birds-eye and otherwise--that you get to enjoy every day!

    So much we take for granted; we really just have to stop and enjoy. Hope you do get a chance to do that this summer.

    I just said to my husband last night that I do realize how fortunate we are to live on our vibrant, ever-changing, farm (and ever-busy in the summer!) and don't long for vacations elsewhere that many do in the summer. I'm pretty content just in my own backyard. Wondering if you feel the same?

  17. What a lovely tour!
    I particularly love the porch, but it is all marvelous. thanks for sharing.

  18. Margaret, thanks! I loved yours too, but again wasn't able to comment. Sometimes haloscan likes me and other times it doesn't. :<)

    JoAnn, it really is the most beautiful time of year, flower-wise. Each time I go out the daylilies amaze me. There are some other flowers but mostly there are daylilies.

    Donna, I'd sure enjoy looking out at the river! It is a great porch we have. When we first moved here it was enclosed by glass in winter and screens in summer, but when it had to be rebuilt we decided to have it open.

    Lisa, I'd like a knot garden. I'm just hoping the raised beds don't look too 'casket-y' when the plants have gone by! And thanks for the nod to Tom!

    Staci, thank you so much!

    Rattling On, the animals are why we wanted to live in the country!

    Call me madam, thanks so much!

    J.G. - yes, the fall and winter are beautiful too. I've not been able to fully capture the fall color, and I rarely see even professional photographers who can do so. It really has to be seen. Oh, and Florida has its compensations!

    Thanks Rachel, but the London I've seen is one big garden. I could probably bear it just fine. :<)

    Everyday woman, I do feel exactly the same. Since the kids have grown I have absolutely no desire to travel. I just want to be here. In terms of taking for granted, Tom and I talked about this a bit. There is something about seeing your home in photos that makes you look at it differently. I see the joys and beauty rather than all the work that needs to be done. :<)

    Raidergirl, thank you so much. I wouldn't mind the porch being on PEI, though. :<)

  19. I could live on that porch. Happily. Forever.

    But then I would miss out on all the beauty surrounding the porch.

    Lovely home. Perfect for you.

  20. Oh, June -such wonderful words. Thanks.

  21. As always, I love, love, love looking at photos of your home and garden! I don't know which I'd enjoy more -- sitting out on the terrace, reading near the raised beds, or sipping a glass of wine on your porch. They all look so inviting. And what a lush veggie garden you have growing this year!! Thanks for the tour, dear friend!

  22. Les, if you were here you could do all three! It depends if you want sun or shade - the porch is the only shady place during the day, while in the late afternoon it is sunny.

  23. Sorry to arrive late. I loved the tour, how good to see it all. I am so envious of your wonderful porch, they are so rare over here and I have always had visions of myself sipping a cool drink, sitting on a swing seat, on a porch such as yours. Elegant conversation and banter no doubt, what bliss!!

  24. Blessed with four, thanks!!

    Carole, I presume, I don't know about the 'elegant conversation' part.

  25. Hiya Nan,
    Nice to make your acquaintance, and that of your gardens.
    How I miss a porch: it looks so inviting, and with a swinging bench no less.
    Nice to have such a willing photographical assistant :-)

    The views are dreamy.

  26. Joco, I couldn't imagine how you happened to read this older post, and then I remembered I had included a link on Lisa's aerial posting. :<) Thanks for taking the time to leave a note, and please come again!


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