Friday, July 10, 2009

Mrs Bale spoke too soon

Almost as soon as I posted that we weren't getting the rain that the rest of New England was inundated with, it began raining nearly every day. We haven't had to water the garden at all. Most days it has been cloudy and rainy, but yesterday we had a beautiful, warm sunny day until early evening when we had a deluge of rain: 1 1/2 inches in an hour. For quite a while it was raining through the bright sunshine, but gradually the sun disappeared. And strangely, there was only a hint of a rainbow.

You can see the raindrops against the bark of the locust tree. The sun is still shining.

Wouldn't you swear this was in some tropical jungle?! Sun is gone.

And this morning all is bright and clear again. I love weather.


  1. I was getting ready to say that I love rain, but your last sentence was really more accurate. I, too, love weather!

  2. "I love weather." What a great little statement. Makes me want to do a whole new blog about weather. No, I mustn't. Far too many blogs already...

  3. We've had a beautiful sunny day today, too. Unfortunately, they have been few and far between this summer, so we try to make the most of them. We're expecting strong storms to come through again tomorrow.

  4. Mrs Bale, you should know by now that the weather delights in changing just as soon as you declare the opposite will happen.

    Your garden does look lush as a jungle.

  5. Pamela, I never pay attention to weather forecasts (unless traveling in winter) so I'm always surprised.

    Scriptor S. - I can't keep up with all your blogs! :<)

    JoAnn, so far today it is perfect - high 60s and sunny, sunny!

    Lisa, isn't that the truth - and not just with weather!

  6. Yes, it does look like a tropical rain forest! I love weather, too, Nan. Our summer has been so odd. We came home from Oregon expecting heat and humidity. We got cool and rainy, instead. It rained again today and is only 71! Unheard of in July. We set a record low of 48 the other night. I've only had to water the lawn 3 times.

  7. Les, that must mean your lawns and flowers gardens are staying nice and green. A friend told me the other day that everything looks so good this summer, and she thinks it means that we need more water than we think. The rule of thumb has always been an inch a week, but it is quite clear that plants thrive much better with more than that.


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